Rwanda: MTN and Bk launch a hardware financing campaign to provide affordable prices for smartphones

Rwanda: MTN and Bk launch a hardware financing campaign to provide affordable prices for smartphones

MTN Rwanda, in partnership with Bank of Kigali, has launched a hardware financing program dubbed “Macye Macye” to enable customers to purchase smartphones and tablets by paying in instalments.

For an amount as low as Rwf200 per day, an MTN customer will be able to purchase a smartphone and pay this amount in installments until full payment is completed.

This move seeks to bridge the digital divide by offering more An affordable system For people to acquire the tools that help them take advantage of the opportunities available in the world of technology.

Mabula Bodebe, CEO, MTN Rwanda, said: “We recognize that the power of digital transformation can drive the country in terms of development and stimulate connectivity and progress for all of our people.

She added that this comes as a solution to not leave anyone behind in sharing digital benefits easily even in the current economic situation where people have to prioritize their expenditures.

“We are very pleased to partner with MTN Rwanda on a device financing program that we believe will accelerate smartphone penetration and empower communities,” said Diane Karusesi, CEO of Bank of Kigali.

She added, “At Bank Kigali, we are constantly innovating to create digital products and campaigns that allow us to serve Rwandans seamlessly, and this program speaks to our belief that everyone should have easy access to digital financial services.”

Speaking during the launch event, the Minister of Information Technology, Communications and Innovation, Paula Ingaber, noted that the solution to Bridging the current digital divide It requires a joint effort of various stakeholders in the industry.

Referring to the Mobile Economy report which states that about 44 percent of people live in areas covered by broadband networks Do not use internet servicesShe praised the initiative as a way to connect disadvantaged populations.

Data shows that while MTN provides 98 percent network coverage to all Rwandans, only 22 percent of them use the Internet.

In 2020, the telecom company in partnership with the Ministry of Information and Communications Technology and Innovation launched the first phase of the Connect Rwanda Program which successfully delivered 26,599 devices to beneficiaries in various sectors across the country to support their access to digital services.

These included local administrative leaders, informal businesswomen, and farmers, among others.

How to get your smartphone with “Macye Macye”

For eligibility, MTN customers will be pre-qualified based on their credit score which is determined by their purchases of various telecom services such as Voice, Data, SMS and Mobile Money over the past 12 months.

To register for the financing program and start the process of finding out what type of device he is entitled to purchase, the customer can dial USSD *182*12#.

According to telco, every device purchased under the Device Finance program will be bundled with up to 2GB of free data, up to 50 minutes talk time and up to 200 SMS, and all payments will be made via Mobile Money.

Interested customers have different categories such as options including Single Device Plan where individuals buy smartphones for their own use, Family Device Plan where individuals can purchase for themselves and other family members, Community Device Plan as well as Upgrade Device Plan for a customer who wants to trade in their existing smartphone for on another phone.

This is a step closer in expanding the bank’s digital services to customers and improving their customer experience,” said Benjamin Mutimura, Chief Commercial Officer, BK.

He added that the lender will continue to offer partnerships to allow for affordable digital devices other than smartphones.

Yau Ankuma Agyapong, Chief Consumer and Digitalist at MTN Rwanda, said that as more people get affordable opportunities to own smartphones, they will need a reliable internet connection to enter the digital world.