Revolutionizing Financial Wellbeing - Flamingo is now available on Android

Revolutionizing Financial Wellbeing – Flamingo is now available on Android

Flamingo Tech has launched a dedicated financial platform to facilitate the collection of financial insights and future investment opportunities for its users.

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 9 November 2022 / – “In everything we do, we are determined to democratize financial well-being. Think together and think differently. We’ve created a beautiful, easy-to-use mobile app to help you organize your finances,” says visionary Impact Sana Tayeb, Founder of Flamingo Tech Pvt Ltd.

It is time to appropriately address the public’s concern about financial well-being. With technology advancing, why not have all your financial details on your cell phone? Get your money, financial planning and savings goals, take advantage of better options to get rid of your debt or pay off your mortgage with Flamingo.

Flamingo is available on Android. Free to use.

In the fast-lighting world of the 21st century, people certainly don’t have time to rush through documents and find details in their banks. With increasing financial uncertainty in the post-Covid world, there is a gap between managing expenditures and building wealth. With Flamingo Smart Analyst, one can track and categorize budgets keeping in mind income and investment patterns. Flamingo bridges the gap between expense tracking and wealth growth.

The post-Covid world has seen buy now and pay later transaction values ​​up to 55% in Australia. With this shocking increase, people indulge in impulsive purchases or do not think about reliable statistics before buying. Flamingo Tech experts understood the psychology of consumers and tried to build a solution-oriented approach to helping people in times of financial crisis.

“We are here to balance financial well-being. It is important to realize that the consumer expects more from buying them than just buying products or services. The financial sector has been around in isolated structures, hiding data from the user. We have to get out of these silos and make financial data available even The user is able to make more informed financial decisions.” Sanaa Tayeb says while highlighting the problems of the finance market.

One of the main features of Flamingo is users’ access to customized financial data. While using this app, people can manage their expenses and keep track of their records. This is completely personal for users who want to use it as they wish without any pressure for outside help.

Flamingo is an intelligent analyzer that provides financial forecasting. This helps in making a roadmap for future goals. In addition, it guides you about your current financial situation and records your past expenses.
With custom dashboard option, this platform is available on Android mobiles via Google Play and will be available on IOS soon.

As an all-in-one personal finance solution, here are some real-world benefits of this app:

> Personal Finance Management – No interference from highly paid professionals.
> Financial Forecasting – Your salary is categorized and saved for future investment.
> Financial Health Score – Learn about your spending habits and change your approach to money.
> Positive Reinforcement Toward Personal Savings – Keep yourself in the right direction and use savings strategies from this forum.
> Real-time feedback on incoming and outgoing funds – Get personalized advice on changing financial policy situations.

Flamingo offers an easy-to-use personal finance system that everyone can use on a regular basis. The application interface is simple and easy. No need to get more excel sheets as Flamingo Smart Analyst can help you reach your desired goals. You can travel, search for education or build your own home by saving money with the help of this app.

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