Reviews of Mount Top Design Motorcycle Bar [For Smartphones]

Reviews of Mount Top Design Motorcycle Bar [For Smartphones]

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Until Apple CarPlay and Android Auto become popular on motorcycles, those who love Waze, Google Maps, Apple Maps and Glympse will have to continue to install smartphones on motorcycles. The Peak Design Motorcycle Bar Mount is an easy and secure way to mount your phone to your motorcycle, provided you have a handlebar with a little spare space. Yes, we know that Apple discourages doing this – we’ll get to that later.We have a lot of motorbikes passing through The ultimate motorbike ride garage. When we got the Peak Design Motorcycle Bar Mount, we had to look for two compatible models. Although the Peak Design unit will attach to round or tapered handlebars, you need room for a motorcycle bar mount, and the installation needs to be at a proper angle to the width of the phone. If your bike has clamps, you’ll want to check out the Peak Design Motorcycle Stem Mount. After some searching, the new Honda Monkey (round rod) and Triumph Scrambler 900 (pointed rod) got the nod.The Peak Design Motorcycle Bar Mount is a sophisticated and robust design, yet easily attaches to an open bar space – all that matters is the angle. Three pairs of vibration absorbers included EPDM rubber Collar inserts allow installation on bars from 7/8″ to 1.25″ in diameter – wide enough range for most handlebar-equipped motorcycles. Mounting the system is pretty self-explanatory, although it does take some time and thought. If you have a wide open handlebar or a separate handlebar clip, this is easy. However, this is not often the case, start by figuring out where you can fit the anodized aluminum handlebar clamp to the handlebar. Next, attach the mount arm (also aluminum) loosely and see if you can arrange it so you can directly view your phone screen. This can take a bit of experimentation, as it did with both Monkey and Scrambler.As it turns out, we installed the Peak Design Motorcycle Bar Mount in completely different places on the motorcycle’s handlebars, even though the installation is basically the same. multitudes. This gave us enough room to use the iPhone 12 Mini as an image display, and after we assured ourselves it would be fully lined up, the large collar was inserted into the handlebar clip so it could grip the standard 7/8-inch Monkey grip.After trying a few options on the Scrambler, we decided to mount the Peak Design Motorcycle Bar Mount to the left of the motorcycle handlebar clip. In this position, we installed the smartphone as a horizontal display, so it did not block the display of the speedometer. The Scrambler’s conical handlebars used a medium sized collar, which allows for secure mounting, and it’s easier to assemble the handlebar clip, stabilizer arm and mounting head than the motorcycle. Leave it all loose for fine tuning – tighten the arm mounting bolts by hand first, then tighten them slightly with the included 3mm hex wrench. You’ll leave the mounting bolt outside until it’s time to attach it to the handlebar, since it should be outside until the clamp jaws open around the handlebar.With it on the handlebar, you can use the hex wrench to tighten it for the ride. If it’s not quite what you want, you have three adjustment points – on the handlebars and each end of the mounting lever. Adjustments are made on the mounting arm, so you may not get it exactly where you want it. However, we nailed it both ways, thanks to advance planning and final adjustments to the handlebar, and with it all attached and tightened, it was time to add the smartphone. In addition to the $100 Peak Design Motorcycle Bar Mount, you should purchase the Peak Design Everyday Case for the phone for $40, although universal cases are available. Your phone just slides in, and you’re ready to go. Oh, and the Peak Design case is compatible with Apple MagSafe chargers and fully cooperates with iPhone’s various buttons, switches, and ports.Place the case-mounted smartphone near the Peak Design SlimLink mounting system board, and the phone will almost pop out of your hand as the magnet pulls the case into the mechanical mount – impressive. Removing the phone from the mount is a one-button task, and effortlessly accomplished when wearing riding gloves. The slim everyday bag slips into your pants pocket, as the SlimLink’s mounting plate frame isn’t obtrusive. It’s worth noting that the case is compatible with many other Peak Design products, including car and bike mounting systems, charging systems, and tripods.When the phone is attached to the Mount Head, it moves slightly. This is a vibration isolator. Since it was very easy for me to move the phone in the stand, I was definitely worried that the phone would be unreadable due to the motion caused by the vibration once it started. As it turns out, my concern was unwarranted, as the phone was very durable while riding the Monkey and Scrambler. The screen was always readable at speeds ranging from zero to 80mph—no hint of movement, I took the monkey on some poorly shaped paved roads, and we bounced cheerfully. The Peak Design Motorcycle Bar Mount wasn’t the least bit upset. The phone is always made up, and even the smallest fonts are easy to read – and impressive.The unit, without a case and Everyday Phone, which varies in weight, tip the scales at 5.5 ounces—not bad for such a robust design. We were unable to detect any effect on routing. The Scrambler’s tests included highway speeds, lacing through canyons, and dirt road rides that you can’t ride on a regular bike—rough, potholed, and hilly. Once again, the Peak Design Motorcycle Bar Mount doesn’t seem to notice. The phone was not noticeably stable. The vibration reducer works well, almost distracting! This brings us to the topic of vibration and your smartphone. According to Peak Design, after extensive testing, the company is confident enough to assure buyers that the Motorcycle Bar Mount is safe for smartphone cameras. But, there is a “but,” which is a big “but.” Peak Design’s Lifetime Warranty does not cover any damage to your smartphone.However, if you think your phone has been damaged by vibration while using the Peak Design Motorcycle Bar Mount, Peak Design will ask a few questions, and the spokesperson tells us that its message to customers is, “We want a chance to make things right for you… We’ll do our best to take care of you.” We had no issues with the iPhone 12 Mini we tested, but that’s your call, with smartphones going up to $1.5K, it doesn’t seem wise to trust fitting your phone to your motorcycle over a nameless brand I found on Amazon. Peak design It has a deep stock of products and a good reputation. The Peak Design Motorcycle Bar Mount and Everyday Case work together to give us the confidence we need to mount a smartphone to a motorcycle.

Peak Design Motorcycle Bar Mount Review & Daily Status Review

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