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Redmi A1+ review: An affordable phone with the promise of Android

It’s been a long time since I’ve reviewed a ‘budget’ phone, which means the device is priced under Rs 10,000. So, when the Redmi A1+ came out for review, I was intrigued to see how it fared. This is unlike other Redmi Note phones that I usually review. For example, the Redmi A1+ does not come with MIUI which is usually seen in most of the phones from the brand. Instead, it runs Android Go 12, a version of Android that’s optimized for phones with less RAM and storage. Redmi A1 + also has an old micro-USB port for charging. It is also affordable starting at Rs 7,499. But is that enough to justify getting the Redmi A1+? Here is my review.

Redmi A1+ specifications: 6.52″ 720p LCD | Mediatek Helio A22 processor, 2GB or 3GB RAM, 32GB storage | 5000 mAh battery | 8MP Dual Camera + 5MP Front Camera | Android Go version

Redmi A1+ price in India: 2GB RAM + 32GB storage at Rs 7,499 and 3GB RAM + 32GB storage priced at Rs 8,499

Redmi A1+ review: what’s good?

Redmi A1+ may be a budget phone, but it doesn’t compromise on looks. The bright green color I got for review looks very nice and makes this device stand out. The phone has a textured back. I could not see any smudges or flaking in the color while I was using it. It comes with a fingerprint sensor on the back that quickly unlocks the device. The phone has a dedicated MicroSD card slot (supports up to 512 GB) and two nano-SIM slots. So, if you are one of those who depend on an SD card for their phone, the Redmi A1+ should make you happy. This is especially important since onboard storage is limited to 32GB.

Redmi A1+ gets an HD+ display. (Image credit: Shruti Dhabula/Indian Express)

The phone has a large screen of 6.52 inches, which is suitable when used indoors. However, in bright outdoor locations the screen just isn’t enough and sometimes I had a hard time seeing what was on the screen. For everyday use, the Redmi A1+ screen performs well.

Redmi A1+ comes with stock android The advantage is that this is one of the few budget phones that does not have bloatware from MIUI. Setting up the phone is easy, and the number of pre-installed apps is limited. It comes with Facebook It’s also light, though I was able to run the full Facebook app on this one without any major hiccups. Apps like Netflix and YouTube worked well, too.

Redmi A1+ review Redmi A1 Plus review Redmi A1 review The Redmi A1+ performs well with basic apps, but if you want to play a lot of games, be prepared to spend a little more. (Image credit: Shruti Dhabula/Indian Express)

The phone gets a 5,000mAh battery, which will easily last more than a day for most users. However, the large battery still relies on a micro-USB charger, so be sure to carry this with you when you travel. Finding a micro-USB charger can be a challenge these days since most other phones have switched to Type C charging. It would take more than three hours to fully charge this device considering the 10W charging.

Redmi A1+ has an 8MP camera on the back along with a second sensor. Redmi did not specify the details of the second sensor. The selfie camera is 5 mega pixels. Camera performance is acceptable provided you are shooting in bright and well-lit scenarios. The selfies weren’t bad either. The camera also supports Portrait mode, but the results aren’t entirely accurate. If the lighting is difficult or bad, the photos have a lot of noise.

Redmi A1 Plus review Redmi A1 Plus camera review Camera sample captured with the Redmi A1+ (Image credit: Shruti Dhapola/Indian Express)
Camera sample captured with the Redmi A1+ (Image credit: Shruti Dhapola/Indian Express)
Redmi A1 Plus vs Redmi A1 Plus review Camera sample captured with the Redmi A1+ (Image credit: Shruti Dhapola/Indian Express)

Redmi A1+ review: what’s not so good?

There is a noticeable lag and stutter when using the phone and I had 3GB of RAM. If you’re hoping to get a budget device to play some everyday games, I’d suggest you be ready to spend a little more. Although the camera performance is acceptable for a budget phone, I wish Redmi offered something more to users here. It’s like the budget phone camera stuck in 2015. I understand that part

Finally, as I noted above, the screen just isn’t bright enough to use in bright, everyday sunlight, which is an issue for many users.

Redmi A1+ review: The verdict

If you’re in the market for a budget phone and can’t afford to spend more than Rs 9,000, the new Redmi A1+ is an option to consider, given its stock Android and general specifications. However, be prepared, this is a budget phone and lower your expectations about its performance. If your budget is flexible and you can increase it by Rs 1,000 to Rs 2,000, I suggest you take a look at other options from Redmi, Realme, samsung before making your decision.

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