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Protect your Google Pixel smartphone from unwanted calls and texts

The number of spam calls and phishing attacks seems to be increasing annually and shows no signs of slowing down. These can be annoying or dangerous if you fall into the trap of a spammer. If you own a Google Pixel smartphone, your device offers multiple options to protect against most unwanted calls and messages. Some of the best Android phones on the market lack at least one Pixel-exclusive feature. This guide shows you how to prevent these spam annoyances from disrupting your day on your Google Pixel smartphone.


Set up the call screen feature to intercept and block spam calls

When you combine spammers with bot calls, things get even worse because the device can automatically send an infinite number of pre-recorded calls. All without getting tired, unlike a human caller. Google has you covered with a cool and useful call screen feature to protect you from these calls. When you harness the power of the built-in Google Assistant, you can stop these callers before they even have a chance to ring your phone.

To use Call Screen on Google Pixel 6 and Google Pixel 7 series phones, do the following:

  1. open the The Google phone Application.
  2. Click on Three-dot list in the upper-right corner, then go to Settings.
  3. Faucet Call and spam screen.
  4. Choose call screen.

  5. The feature is activated automatically and is enabled if you are connected to a Wi-Fi network. Some VPNs may need to be temporarily disabled to activate the connection screen, so give it a few minutes to set it up. However, it should work immediately once the VPN is turned off.

You might consider changing the default options to Automatic sorting and rejection of automated calls For best results. This option will not check or block anyone in your personal contact list. If Google Assistant sees the call as important, you can check it manually by tapping call screen. We have a guide that shows you how to use the Google Pixel’s call screen feature. This will give you a better idea of ​​what to expect before activating it on your device.

Google Assistant may not catch and block every instance of spam. However, it does a decent job of silencing spammers. Once activated, it’s set and forget feature that works for you in the background as needed. The call screen has the potential to become the main feature on the device that we use to combat spam calls in the future. Call Screen is exclusive to Google Pixel smartphones for now.

Check caller ID and random phone settings

The Google Phone app has some useful spam blocking features that fight spam calls in the background. Caller ID, spam visibility, spam call filtering, and verified calls are designed to work together to protect you from potential spam calls in real time.

To make sure these settings are enabled on your Pixel device, do the following:

  1. open the google phone Application.
  2. Click on Three-dot list in the upper-right corner, then go to Settings.
  3. Click on Caller ID and spam Section.
  4. If necessary, enable See caller ID and spam And the Filter unwanted calls Settings.

  5. You can also enable Verified calls To show legitimate callers and the reason for their connection, making it easier to identify an official business. Before using this feature, add your phone number to your Google account.

Block unknown callers

Many spammers impersonate their numbers to match your area code as a way to trick you into answering the phone. At the same time, they may hide their number from you. This is not an effective method for random calls as they are easy to identify as unknown. However, blocking them all together makes it more difficult for these potential spammers to reach you.

This setting may be enabled by default on your Pixel, but you can check back by doing the following:

  1. open the The Google phone Application.
  2. Click on Three-dot list in the upper-right corner, then go to Settings.
  3. Click on Blocked numbers Section.
  4. if it was Unknown The option is turned off, tap it to enable the feature.

Enable spam protection for text messages

Spam text messages have become a popular alternative for scammers. These spam messages usually include clickable links that direct you to a fake website. They may ask for personal information and promise you many free rewards, such as gift cards. In fact, they will steal your information and send you on your way with nothing in return. The Google Messages app on the Google Pixel 6 or 7 series has a feature that helps stop those nefarious text messages.

The spam blocking feature may be enabled on your device, but just in case, here’s what you can do to turn it on:

  1. open the The Google Messages Application.
  2. Click on Three-dot list in the upper-right corner, then go to Settings.
  3. Choose Spam protection.
  4. if it was The option is turned off, tap Activate spam protection to enable the feature.

Check the default spam blocker app

It’s easy to miss this setting if you’re not looking for it, but you’ll want to double-check the system’s default spam blocking app. It should be set as the Google Phone app for maximum protection. However, the entry can sometimes be empty.

To make sure that the spam blocking features are working properly on your Pixel device, do the following:

  1. go to the Settings > apps > default apps.
  2. select file Caller ID and spam app Section.
  3. If it is currently set to no oneFaucet phone to complete.

  4. select file phone app to make sure it’s the new system default.

Special settings for spam calls for Pixel users on Google Fi

Google’s wireless network, Google Fi, is a great option for pairing with the Pixel 6 and Pixel 7 series smartphones. The Google Fi app has several ways to protect your privacy and security, including a feature to block unwanted calls.

It may already be enabled on your device by default, but you can quickly check it by doing the following:

  1. open the google fi Application.
  2. Scroll down and tap Spam and blocked numbers Section.
  3. if it was Block unwanted calls Setting is off, tap it to enable the feature.

Report spam calls and text messages you’re sneaking in

Some spam calls and text messages may still avoid detection even if you follow the above tips. Spammers can use many spam numbers or spoof their area code to reach you. These methods are outdated. However, they use both in hopes of tricking you into responding. This makes it difficult to stop them all, but reporting which ones are infiltrating helps the Android and Google Pixel communities.

Many wireless carriers also use A set of protocols called STIR / SHAKEN To reduce the problem of phone number spoofing. You don’t have to do anything either. It works by itself. The combination of STIR/SHAKEN and Google’s anti-spam efforts is a huge victory for all of us. However, to report and block unwanted phone calls and text messages on your Pixel device, check out the following steps.

How to report spam calls in the Google Phone app

  1. open the google phone Application.
  2. Click on accident Tab towards the lower left corner of the screen.
  3. Long press on the number you wish to report and select Block / Report Spam Selection.
  4. with the Report the call as spam Selected check box, click roadblock to confirm your choice.

How to report unwanted text messages in the Google Messages app

  1. open the The Google Messages Application.
  2. Tap and hold on the message you want to report.
  3. Click on Three-dot listthen select roadblock (or the strikethrough circle symbol).
  4. with the Report harm Selected check box, click yes to confirm your choice.

Bring peace and quiet into your life by silencing spammers

Spam calls and messages have become a problem that can distract you from the most basic things in life. However, the techniques used to stop or control it are constantly improving. Incorporating the above tips, your Google Pixel 6 or 7 smartphone should be mostly free from these spam annoyances. Having a quieter phone means you can focus on doing something useful with your time.

Now that you’ve taken care of your spam calls and messages, check out these five essential Google Pixel home screen shortcuts. Some of them can easily be missed if you are not familiar with them beforehand, so it is a good idea to know them for future reference.

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