Precious and affordable smartphone for Filipinos

Precious and affordable smartphone for Filipinos

Smartphones have become an essential component of daily life as they provide entertainment, information and access to some basic services. But with the high prices, Filipinos are having a hard time finding a quality smartphone at an affordable price. This is where Narzo comes in.

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The brand is a new smartphone that is listening to its customer base. narzo Philippines aims to democratize technology by making it affordable and accessible to all walks of life.

When people think of smartphones, the processor is one of their main concerns. The fast-paced world requires hardware that can keep up with the demands of its users, even if that’s how the unit responds to clicks.

One noteworthy smartphone model is the narzo 50i Prime, which the brand claims is the fastest performing in the narzo 50 series.

It has a Unisoc T612 processor on a 12nm octa-core node with two Cortex-A75 and six Cortex-A55, enabling a smooth operating experience.

The seamless operating experience allows users to become more productive and explore the potential of the technology at their fingertips. It is best for users who depend on their smartphone for their living, run multiple or heavy duty apps, or enjoy gaming on their unit.

Besides a smooth operating experience, the narzo 50i Prime’s high-end processors also translate into crisp images, especially with the help of the large 6.5-inch HD+ display, ideal for work and play.

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It also offers one of the cleanest and most intuitive operating systems in its range, the Realme UI R Edition running Android 11. Realme is a well-known and trusted brand of smartphones in the Philippines. Narzo’s shared heritage with realme ensures similar quality levels and an overall user-friendly experience from a budget-friendly perspective.

Another spec of the narzo 50i Prime model is expandable memory of up to 1 TB via MicroSD in the triple card slot, allowing users to store more media or information and use two nano SIM cards. Thanks to this feature, the brand outperforms its competitors in the sub-4K price category as Filipinos choose models that can store more memory for contacts, photos, apps and more.

The narzo 50i Prime also joins the aesthetic trend as it comes in two darker colors, navy blue and mint green, highlighted by a vertical stripe design.

With affordable yet high-quality smartphones, it is not surprising that Filipinos find themselves drawn towards the brand. However, there is more to it than just investing in Narzo. The brand also protects its consumers from purchase to aftermarket through 20 active service centers shared with realme, which cater to repair and warranty issues.

Having another choice of smartphone brand in the country gives Filipinos diversity to select the one that best suits their preferences. But unlike other tech brands, Narzo promises consumers won’t have to break their banks to get a competitive and noteworthy smartphone in the market.

The narzo 50i Prime and other models of the narzo 50 series are available at Shopee, TikTok Shop, and all 27 Narzo stores and kiosks across the country.

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The promotional price for the narzo 50iprime was 3,999.00 yen on September 30, 2022, but it can be had for P3,799 at Lazada.

The official price for the narzo 50i Prime in the Philippines is now 4,999.00 JPY, which is still very good value for money for a functional and useful smartphone.

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