Play Pokémon Go Like a Pro with These Companion Apps for iPhone and Android Phones

Play Pokémon Go Like a Pro with These Companion Apps for iPhone and Android « Smartphones :: Gadget Hacks

when the subject Pokemon Go Come on, the typical response is, “Do people still play it?” The answer is yes!

Although the game does not rule the zeitgeist as it did upon its release, it has managed to maintain a community of players who have stuck with it over the years. Pokémon Go is still among the Top Ten Earning Apps (Not only games) on the App Store and located outside the top ten on Google Play. In fact, the app Best performance of the year In terms of revenue it was 2020, and 2021 was the second best year.

There is so much to do in the game now! With personal and remote raids, Go Battle League, Team Rocket encounters, mega evolutions, friend interactions, seasonal content, research missions, etc., the game is much more entertaining than it was at launch.

If you find yourself interested in getting back into the game, there are some essential companion apps to further your enjoyment and achievements.

Get rewards to return to Pokémon Go

Now that you’re back in the game after a long hiatus (at least 90 days), you’ll want to get a referral code from an existing player. Ask your friend to click on the game’s avatar, followed by the “Friends” tab, and then the “Invite” button. This will give you both in-game rewards while completing a special set of quests. (Note that referral bonuses are not available for children’s accounts.)

When you log into Pokémon Go, you will have the option to enter a referral code. (If you need one, here’s mine: JRCXJB83Q.) This process must be done within 72 hours of returning to the game.

Application 1: Campfire

Posted by Pokémon Go maker Niantic, campfire Serves as a social component and extended map for all developer games. You can use the messaging features to connect with friends within the game and organize raid parties, while the map allows you to view upcoming and active raids around the world, not just in the vicinity like a game map view.

At the moment, the app is an invite-only beta, so you’ll need to request an invite from a player within the test group. The map feature is really invaluable, but the social components will need more adoption to become useful in organizing raids etc. Fortunately, there are active alternatives to matchmaking, which we’ll cover in later apps in this list.

App 2: Pokémon Home

Pokémon Home, an official app from The Pokémon Company, allows you to transfer pocket monsters you’ve captured in Pokémon Go to Nintendo Switch games.

It is also the only possible way to evolve the legendary Meltan into Melmetal, a great gladiator for PvP (player versus player) and PvE (player versus environment). As you get Meltan through a special quest story, it takes 400 candies to develop into Melmetal.

After Pokémon Home is installed and linked to your Pokémon Go account, go to Settings in Pokémon Go, then scroll down Pokémon Home. Follow the onscreen instructions to send a Pokémon you might otherwise ignore to Pokémon Home.

Next, open Pokémon Home to complete the transfer. This will give you a special reusable incense called the Mysterious Box. Open it to attract and capture Meltans.

The incense lasts for an hour, but you can repeat the transfer after a cool-down period of three days to use it again. After several cycles, you will have enough candy to evolve your Meltan into Melmetal.

Application 3: Pokegenie

Each Pokémon has its own set of traits that determine how strong it is in PvP and PvE battles. Combat Power (CP) measures the overall strength of a creature for battle. However, there are three hidden attributes called Individual Values ​​(IV) that are revealed using the rating tool found in the hamburger menu for each Pokémon. Each Category IV – Attack, Defense and Hit Points – is rated from 0-15. A pokemon with 15/15/15 is perfect (or hundo in Go players’ parlance), but the ideal IVs for Battle League are different.

Pokegenie makes it easy to rank the IVs of the Pokemon you’ve caught, giving you an overall percentage score and Battle League percentage scores. The Android version includes an overlay button to scan the Pokemon in the game, while iPhone players need to take a screenshot and import it into the Pokegenie for evaluation. The app offers IV Vision for continuous scanning of your Pokémon, but it’s locked behind a subscription.

This is not all. The app also serves as a tool to match hosting and join remote raids. Pokegenie uses Pokémon Go’s friend invite system to connect players around the world for raids and recommends your raid team based on the Pokemon you’ve previously scanned. The app also includes writing activity reference guides and transfer lists.

Application 4: Calcy IV

For Android players, there is a very effective alternative to categorizing Pokemon called Calcy IV. It offers an ad-supported manual and automatic survey to rate captured pocket monsters and predict attributes during encounters, but you can also upgrade to the premium version with an in-app purchase. The app also provides tools for simulating battles, typing effectiveness, and potential movement combinations.

App 5: Go Field Guide

This app is your one-stop resource for everything that happens in the game. Tracks active and upcoming events and active game rewards. It also contains a repository of information for the current hatchable Pokemon, Team Go Rocket lineup, special research rewards, the current Ditto disguise, and much more. You can also use it to find and share friend codes.

Application 6: discord

Until Campfire really caught on fire, Discord is the number one destination for organizing raids. You only need to find a server to join. Discord is designed for gamers, and a well-organized server usually includes several channels for different game components.

App 7: Facebook Messenger

like discord, messenger Useful for organizing raids or even finding out directly where hundos originated, but you’ll have to use your networking skills to get to an active group. Messenger lacks channel support from Discord, but that’s not necessarily bad when the group is focused on one goal.

App 8: Reddit

If you can’t find what you’re looking for in the Go Field Guide, there are several Reddit communities for crowdsourcing information. Highly recommended subreddits include r/thesilphroad And the p / pokemongoWhile p/PokemonGoFriends It is an excellent destination for finding friends and matchmaking raids.

App 9: Twitter

Similar to Reddit, Twitter is a convenient source of team game information. You can get real-time game updates from the administrator Tweet embed but some helpful Twitter users love Tweet embed Create useful graphs of active events. You can also follow Tweet embed And his constant and polite quest to add Cowboy Hate Caterpillar to the game.

Reddit (left), Twitter (right).

App 10: Google Keep / Apple Notes

As you progress through the game, you may find it helpful to memorize certain pieces of information for quick reference. For example, there is a search string to filter out low-rated pocket monsters to “take to professor” and clean up your storage space. I’ve found Google Keep to be indispensable for this on Android, as you can put a widget with all the notes you’ve flagged for the game on your home screen.

While Google Keep is available for Android and iOS, the built-in Notes app is a better option if you have an iPhone, especially for gadgets.

Google Keep (left), Apple Notes (right).

App 11: Maps / Waze

While exploring the map view in Pokémon Go, you may find yourself unfamiliar with how to get to a pokéstop or gym. Fortunately, you can view the coordinates of the destination in your favorite Maps application. Campfire also has the option of navigating to the gym via your available map apps.

Again, Google Maps and Waze are OS neutral, but if you’re using an iPhone, you might prefer Apple’s own Maps app.

App 12: YouTube

There are some very useful and/or entertaining creators out there who are dedicated to the game and that are worth following. Like and subscribe to videos from Zoe two pointsAnd the coach tipsAnd the Sophie 7. Top content creators often travel to in-person events like Go Fest, so you can vicariously live in them.

App 13: Twitch

Do you want to learn from the professionals? Twitch is the clear winner in gaming streams from top players. Now that Pokémon Go has gained some legitimacy in esports circles, Twitch is your destination for watching tournaments too.

YouTube (left), Twitch (right).

Honorable mention: DeFit

This application contains a warning: it technically violates the terms and conditions of the game. (Maybe this is actually a dishonest sign?) However, there is a gray area regarding how the game tracks the steps of hatching eggs and earning candy.

The game’s Adventure Sync feature imports your step count from Google Fit even when the game isn’t active. Now, if you’re working out on a stationary bike, shouldn’t that count toward your step count? Some might argue yes.

Defit simulates the number of steps based on a set pace and imports it into Google Fit, which will sync with Pokémon Go. As for counting steps in the game, I was told that you need to make sure the game is closed.

The app is only available for Android. For iPhone users, there are files phone rocker Available for purchase con your device’s pedometer to count steps.

Anyway, proceed with caution from here.

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