Pixel 7 Pro reviews, Galaxy S23 details leak, all-new Surface Duo look

Pixel 7 Pro reviews, OnePlus Nord N300 details, all-new Surface Duo look

Taking a look at seven days of news and headlines around the Android world, this week’s Android Circuit includes the first reviews of the Pixel 7 Pro, Pixel 7 and Pixel Watch phones, a closer look at the Tensor Mobile G2 chip in the pixel and the latest details about the Galaxy S23 and HMD Global looking for a new CEO, details of the OnePlus Nord N300, Android 12L on the Surface Duo, and Microsoft’s latest support for the open source Android project.

Android Circuit is here to remind you of some of the many things that have happened around Android in the past week (You can find our weekly Apple news summary here).

Pixel 7 Pro review

Long after revealing at Google’s summer I/O event and the official launch last week, the new Pixel smartphones are available, which means the first in-depth reviews are also available. Starting with the Pixel 7 Pro, it became clear that Google was working on improving various specifications. These several small steps may not be enough to justify a direct upgrade from the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro, but they provide a great entry point for the Pixel:

“The Pixel 7 Pro builds on the success of last year’s model, with meaningful upgrades to its camera that put it on par with Samsung’s more capable and more expensive models. It’s a well-made phone with a great display, good performance, and reasonable battery life. Faster fingers are welcome, as is faster but less secure facial recognition for unlocking the phone. Google’s smart systems from direct dictation to noise-clearing technology are quite impressive, and you’ll get at least five years of software support from release.”


Pixel 7 review

While geekerati will focus on the 7 Pro, the Pixel 7 will get a lot of attention from consumers as it balances the inclusion of Google’s faster Tensor Mobile G2 chipset with a slightly lower spec sheet. For many, the value choice will be the Pixel 7:

“With the $599 Pixel 7, Google has created a very excellent smartphone with most of the features that the more expensive Pixel 7 Pro offers, but for the $300 USD telephoto camera, which may not be worth the extra money for many users. On top of that. That being said, the Pixel 7 beats the Galaxy S22 in terms of camera and battery performance for $200 less, even if it has a slight lack of cellular connectivity.”

(computer mag).

All about Tensor

As noted, the most significant change in the Pixel package is the second generation of the Google-designed Tensor Mobile chipset. While the different main processor cores remain the same, it is the additional processors that will improve the machine learning capabilities of the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro.

“Where the chip gets a noticeable stride in the graphics processing unit (GPU), imaging digital signal processor (DSP), and modem, the Google Tensor processor (TPU) is labeled a ‘next generation.’ That’s the magic mentioned above, because the TPU allows Much more efficient and faster than machine learning and AI processes to be run on hardware rather than software for as much of the process as possible.”


Pixel Watch review

Google’s first WearOS device also went on sale. Pixel Watch is a first generation product from Google. Even if Android Wear/WearOS has been around for quite some time, it’s hard to replicate the straightforward experience of selling hardware in the test. It might not be a home run, but the Pixel Watch is definitely on base:

“I’m hesitant to say that this is the best Wear OS smartwatch to date. Samsung Watches, while excluding non-Samsung phone owners, offer a more polished overall experience. And we still don’t see what the next generation Fossil watches will look like.” Smartphones powered by the more powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon W5 Plus. But even with all my gripes and quirks, the Pixel Watch gives me hope that Wear OS will be even brighter. The Pixel Watch was a good start. The Pixel Watch 2 is going to be even better.”

(the edge).

Galaxy S23 battery leak

For all the talk of Pixels, the standard for Android smartphones is Samsung’s Galaxy S range. The next phones are expected in early 2023, but details are already emerging from the supply chain. New battery details suggest that everything is going well, but with a similarly sized battery the S23 family won’t deviate much from the current design.

Famous tipster Ice Universe (universeice) has shared an image of a battery. He claims it belongs to the Galaxy S23 Ultra. And while the text on the battery doesn’t mention its capacity, the company claims it’s a 5,000mAh unit, just like its predecessors. Phone. The image looks like it was taken from a certification database, which also indicates that the launch of the Galaxy S23 series is on the right track.”

(Ice world Across SamMobile).

HMD Global is looking for a new CEO

Florian Seche, CEO of HMD Global, is stepping down from the company. Seiche was launched in 2016, and took over as CEO in 2017. In the past five years, HMD Global brand Nokia phones have proven themselves as strong players in the mid-range Android market and the still interesting feature phone market. Seche writes:

“And what a journey. Together, we have continued to innovate and clearly lead the global feature phone market including many of Nokia’s iconic “classic” designs. Our unique proposal for Android smartphones and tablets has focused our efforts on achieving the vision of “Connecting the world at no cost.” Earth” “

(LinkedIn Across reddit).

OnePlus still tends to fast charging

OnePlus has confirmed quite a few details about its upcoming Nord N300 mid-range smartphone, and the notable feature is fast wireless charging. It may not be as fast as the flagship OnePlus 10T, but at 33W, this would be a relatively unique feature at this price point:

“The Nord N300’s charging speed will likely be just minutes under an hour, although OnePlus isn’t revealing many details yet. As a frame of reference, the Pixel 7 Pro charges up to 23W. That’s not necessarily fast, but that’s an average.” For a flagship nowadays.By comparison, the OnePlus 10T is capable of 125W charging, which can get a phone up to 100% in what seems no time at all.The previous generation N200 was only capable of 18W charging, So this is a big step.”


Android 12L on Surface Duo

Android 13 may be coming to new phones and coming to OtA updates in the next few months, but the tablet and foldable are looking forward to an enhanced Android 12 release for tablets in the form of Android 12L. It also has hooks for multi-screen devices, which should delightfully improve the different Surface Duo. We got a look at a 12L running on the Duo, which is eerily familiar for something else.

“Microsoft gave us a first look at the upcoming Android 12L release for the Surface Duo, which features a new design reminiscent of the Fluent design language of Windows 11. It features an updated notification panel, new blur effects, and a redesigned Settings app with Windows 11-style icons… This is part of an effort to better present the Surface Duo as an extension for Windows PC, while still being a familiar Android experience.

(Windows Central).


Let’s finish with another small nod from Microsoft, as they are adding open source Android as an option to their cloud management platform. It’s limited at the moment, but it unlocks possibilities for custom ROMs and Android flavors that don’t depend on Google:

“Microsoft has built a new way to manage devices running AOSP that don’t have access to GMS capabilities. This new platform for enterprise devices brings devices running AOSP along with other mobile and desktop endpoints, all of which are now managed under one connected platform. in the cloud.”


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