Pixel 6a Cases: 7 Best Android Cases [Video]

Pixel 6a Cases: 7 Best Android Cases [Video]

The Google Pixel 6a may be an excellent affordable phone, but you should still protect your valuable possession. It’s been a few months at all, and we’ve tested over a few months. With that in mind, here are some of the best cases for the Pixel 6a.

After a limited release of the Pixel 5a last year, Google’s decision to stock the Pixel 6a in more regions also means we have more options than ever. You can choose the right cover for your phone from premium quality cases to bargain basket cases.

Some add grip, others add functionality, but all of them will protect your Google Pixel 6a. In all cases, we checked to make sure our selection was suitable for screen protection and noted if there were any issues here as well. In the interest of fairness, we also made sure that all case options are under $25. It’s hard to suggest the bifurcation of this number upwards since the Pixel 6a comes in Only $399.

Video – Best Pixel 6a cases

Justic Covert

One of our favorite clear cases is the Ghostek Covert, which is now available for the Pixel 6a. Although it is technically “clear”, it is not completely transparent, as you can choose specific frame colors. This covers the entire frame and camera strap, but is frosted in the “clear” standard edition. Unlike many TPU and silicone cases, it is durable without being rigid or flexible.

The frame’s bumpers have grooved corners to help grip while the corners are reinforced to help absorb shocks and drops. The ergonomic section on the right side of Ghostek cases leaves room for the Pixel 6a’s side buttons and also helps with orientation when you quickly take out your pocket or bag.

Bella case

If you care about sustainability or being more environmentally friendly when choosing smartphone accessories, then all Pela cases for Pixel 6a are an ideal buy. Almost similar to a silicone case in terms of flexibility and hand feel, the Pela case is soft, matte and comfortable. Although every case is made from sustainable materials, they don’t disappoint when it comes to protecting your Pixel 6a.

Each packet is made from a vegetable biopolymer, but the use of flaxgrass is the most unique. This means that the texture has an earthy quality almost unmatched in any other on the market. There are plenty of colors to choose from, plus Pela has added more etched designs that help add more grip to the normally slippery Pixel 6a. One thing to note is that light-colored bags can pick up dye from denim and darker fabrics.

Tudia DualShield MergeGrip

Pixel cases 6a

Two-piece smartphone cases are not as popular as they used to be, but you can still get excellent options like these from Tudia. Effectively soft TPU case with part casing, this design choice means you are covered from drops and dings. The MergeGrip also adds a textured backplate, providing a non-slip feel even if your hand is wet or damp.

The branding is one of the few downsides, but the button covers include embossed icons to help you reach into your pocket without having to pull your phone out. There’s a recessed part around the earpiece that helps vent the sound out which is especially useful for those of us who still take phone calls regularly, but it also helps when playing videos and music along with the downward facing speaker.

Kisology nano pop

The simple two-tone design of the Nano Pop makes a great case for the Pixel 6a, as it helps frame the camera bar without adding too much bulk. It’s sturdy silicone with precise cutouts for all important ports; It also adds button covers without making it difficult to press or reach the volume key and power key.

Caseology claims the Pixel 6a’s three color cases are inspired by fresh fruit, but the simple tones add a dash of color without being too bright or distracting. There’s even a lanyard loop you can use if you want to tie it to your wrist for added security. In the hand, the Nano Pop case feels luxurious and soft, although it does add a great layer of drop protection.

Skyhewen Google Pixel 6a Case

Pixel cases 6a

One for parents or people who want to carry a pair of banknotes and a few cards. We’ve never heard of Skyhewen before, but the character-led folio wallet cases are cute – and most importantly – very cheap. Each case color contains a cute animal living under the magnetic clasp of the PU leather face cover.

Open, and you’ll find enough space for a few cards and your important IDs with a slot for banknotes and receipts. Since this is a heart condition, it can also double as a kickstand when watching movies and YouTube videos. Your Pixel 6a slips into a silicone case that offers essential protection, but for as little as $10 you can reduce your dependence on a wallet or purse with a two-in-one daily carry option.

The case of the poetic revolution series

Full coverage of your smartphone usually requires a screen protector and a case, but this is where the Poetic Revolution Series case stands apart from the crowd. The combination of the front cover and the standard back case means that for less than $20, you get a hybrid case with a built-in screen protector, so all sides of your smartphone are protected. This uses a front plastic protector, but it hugs or sticks to the screen area around the fingerprint scanner to ensure accurate unlocking and recording of your numbers.

If you have a screen protector installed, there is an extra clip frame that comes without the pre-installed plastic cover. Curvy edges and side panels give you peace of mind, but it’s hard not to see the effect of the Iron Man suit here. The built-in kickstand works great in portrait or landscape orientation here too but can only be adjusted to one angle.

Spigen Tough Armor

Arguably one of the true “classic” smartphone cases, Spigen Tough Armor for Pixel 6a doesn’t hide any secrets, but it’s still one of the best. The boxy aesthetic looks unappealing, but the combination of a soft TPU inner layer with a sleek semi-metallic outer plastic casing is something creative.

I’m less convinced by the weak kickstand, but on the smaller Pixel 6a’s chassis, it’s able to stand up more consistently when in landscape mode. The flat button covers, textured or corrugated power button, and soft chamfer have always felt too “sci-fi” in my opinion, and the minimalist branding feels more consistent here.

PSA: Official Pixel 6a Case

Pixel cases 6a

At first, you might want to pick up the official Pixel 6a case, but we say avoid it unless you simply have to have the official cover on. Since the recycled cases feature the same build as the official Pixel 6/6 Pro cases, over time you can get deformation, discoloration and more issues if you plan to use the official Pixel 6a case daily. Our advice is to stay away and only use in moderation if you plan to choose this option.

When it’s new, it fits perfectly and feels like an extension of the Pixel 6a. Sadly, it might not last as long as our Kyle Bradshaw documented after spending so long with the official Pixel 6 Pro case. This is compounded, given the asking price of the official Pixel 6a case It’s $30 Available in two colors only: coal And the sea ​​foam.

What are your favorite Pixel 6a cases?

Everyone has different tastes in device protection – do you have a favorite brand or case? Just tell us in the comments section below what you’re rocking your device and why.

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