Pimax Portal is a handheld, VR, and mobile Android platform to compete in all markets

Pimax Portal is a handheld, VR, and mobile Android platform to compete in all markets

Pimax Technology set out in 2015 to create virtual reality headsets for consumers, using the highest quality immersion and imagery in a premium VR platform. Now, the company is crowdfunding the Pimax Portal, a unique and multifaceted approach that offers a lot to several types of gamers.

Pimax portal assures consumers that they are receiving “the world’s first Metaverse entertainment system”

previously, Baymax Focusing on 8K to 12K resolution VR headsets, providing customers with virtual reality at a high cost. The new Pimax portal is a unique beast for the company and offers many different game modes to compete with Meta, Logitech and Nintendo.

Portal is a high-powered Android all-in-one gaming device that can easily switch modes among Standalone VR PCVR, mobile games, computer games, living room entertainment, etc., to suit different occasions.

– Description of the Pimax Portal Kickstarter Page

Baymax Gamers using the system in handheld mode, such as the Nintendo Switch, Logitech G, Steam Deck and more, are shown in the images available on the Kickstarter page. Another image shows a user using the system in a standalone VR mode (excluding VR controls). The third image shows the handheld again, but with a wireless satellite to take advantage of the computer gaming aspect of the system, and the last image shows a user aiming a (quite realistic looking) toy gun to be able to play on the TV. This system is very little for such a small size.

Image source: Pimax Technology

The screen on the Pimax Portal is an 8.8-inch 144Hz QLED/Mini LED/HDR display. Screen resolution can be set to 3840 x 2160 pixels in 4K Ultra HD TV. Pimax Portal uses Snapdragon Qualcomm XR2 + AMD Mini Station processor / graphics. The total number of physical buttons on the platform is 32, with a further eight virtual buttons. The design reminds users of the Nintendo Switch line, with a more significant difference with the side controllers. Instead of sliding into place, the controllers attach magnetically to the system. Users can also map each key, which is a huge benefit. MTP latency is less than 20ms. There is also a touch screen for on screen control.


In VR mode, the field of view (FOV) offers two configurations – 2PPD with 100° FOV or 40PPD with 60° FOV. The battery life is 10,000 mAh. The system supports 5G and Wifi 6E wireless connectivity and charging via an additional docking accessory. Another interesting promotion from Pimax is the ability to “Professional Virtual Fitness and AI Coach.” From the video, the AI ​​workout assistant is limited to a monitor or TV screen but will provide “VR fitness content”.

pimax-portal-metaverse-entertainment system

There are many options available for add-ons Pimax Portal Kickstarter page:

  • Pimax Portal with 8GB + 128GB, $299
  • Pimax Portal with 8GB + 256GB, $399
  • Pimax Portal QLED with 8GB + 256GB QLED + MiniLED, $549
  • Pimax Portal View with 8GB + 128GB VR Controller and VR Headset, $449
  • Pimax Portal View with 8GB + 256GB VR Controller and VR Headset, $499
  • Pimax Portal QLED View with 8GB + 256GB QLED + MiniLED VR Controller and VR Headset, $599

For purveyors, they have the handheld and VR option, and for users looking for greater VR, they’re bundling the handheld device with the $1,599 Crystal VR headset, which offers a 160Hz refresh rate, low latency, and is in Direct competition with the latest Meta headphones as soon as they are released.

news source: Pimax portal on Kickstarter

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