Overtime is not acceptable: the happiest minds |  Technology news

Overtime is not acceptable: the happiest minds | Technology news

Happiest Minds had approximately 4,581 employees as of September 30, 2022.

IT company Hapist Minds Technologies said the overtime was not acceptable because it amounted to a contract violation and that “a small number” of employees who found out engaging in such practices had been fired in the past six to 12 months.

The company, which recently reported a stellar 33.7 percent year-over-year growth in second-quarter net profit and a 31.1 percent increase in its gross income, had approximately 4,581 employees as of September 30, 2022.

Happy Minds confirmed that overtime is not widely spread within the company but did not disclose the exact number of employees it has taken action against in the case.

The issue of overtime or double employment has emerged as a big talking point in the IT industry since then Wipro Chairman Rashad Premji put a red flag on the issue on Twitter, equating it with “fraud”.

Over the past weeks, several companies have entered into the case to make it clear that they do not approve of double hiring.

Simply put, overtime or double hire refers to employees who take side assignments to work on more than one job at a time.

Joseph Ananthrajo, Executive Vice President of PTI’s Head of Happiest Minds, stated: “We have been very clear with our employees that it is something we will not accept…because when you sign a contract or a job offer, you are agreeing to work only for this company.”

Overtime raises risks and questions about security, as well as the commitment of workers to dedicate their time and attention to end customers and delivery outcomes.

Asked if the company had found cases of employees involved in overtime work, Anantharaju said, “We have a few and we immediately terminated it because it’s a message you want to route through the company. Even if it’s a few hours somewhere… because there’s no way To really check it out. So we did it.”

He said this action has been taken in the past 6-12 months. “We’re clear, you can’t be overtime. If you want to do some volunteer activities in unrelated areas… you might want to go teach at a school over the weekend, that’s different. we You should devote all your time to the happiest minds and work here.”

Overtime practices and situations are “not very prevalent” in the company.

“That’s one of the reasons we’ve brought our employees back into their positions,” he said. “Because once you’re back in the position, the scope of a lot of these things is minimal and they can be taken out and identified very early on.”

The company had nearly 67 percent of its employees up to their positions in the most recent quarter; The plan is to raise the number by January 1, 2023 and have most employees in their positions by April 1.

On the frequency of weekdays that employees are now hitting physical workspaces and filling office cubicles, Ananthrajo said, “We gave them the field of view, we didn’t measure it. But we told them 3 2 is fine, to begin with some of these things will evolve over time as they depend Also on which projects and when, the main thing is to get it difference together.”

newly, Infosys It allowed its employees to undertake outside party business provided that such involvement did not compete with the company or its customers or cause a conflict of interest.

On whether Happy Minds, too, is considering some things to avoid to clear the air of outdoor work, Anantharaju said, “Not yet. Our position now is quite clear…You work for Happy Minds and this is the only company that should working out.”

Infosys is among the companies that have taken a strong stance on overtime. It had earlier sent a letter to its employees confirming that overtime was not allowed, and warned that any breach of the terms of the contract would lead to disciplinary action that “may even lead to termination of employment”.

“No two timings – no extra work!” She said the second largest IT services company in India.

During the company’s second-quarter earnings, Infosys clarified that the company does not support overtime and has fired employees World Health Organization They have been working a double job for the past 12 months.

Last month, Wipro’s Richard Premji revealed that about 300 employees were fired because the IT services company had no place for any employees who chose to work directly with competitors while on Wipro’s payroll.

Other IT companies have also taken part, raising their voice against overtime, a practice that has quietly gained ground during the pandemic-induced shutdown and Work from home.

HCL Technologies said it does not approve of double hiring although it was quick to add that the problem is not significant within the company.

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