OUI Inc. , the Japanese start-up of a smartphone-based eye diagnostic medical device, wins first prize in the AEA2022 Innovation Awards

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SocialTech Japan wins first prize in Social Business Session

Chiba, Japan – (BUSINESS WIRE) –
Asian Entrepreneurship Award Event 2022 (AEA2022) Fully online from Wednesday, October 26 to Thursday, October 27, with the participation of 24 selected tech startups from Asian countries and regions. Among the competing participants, the Japanese company OUI, which developed the Smart Eye Camera (SEC), a smartphone-based medical device that enables eye diagnosis anytime, anywhere and by anyone, was selected as the winner.

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AEA2022 First Prize Winner, OUI Inc. (Graphic: Business Wire)

AEA is a global innovation award for emerging Asian entrepreneurs and companies that use advanced technology to provide solutions to social issues. AEA2022 brought together 24 selected startups from across Asia to provide solutions in the three areas of healthcare, work and lifestyle reform, and sustainability, all of which are key global issues for the future.

Each company was selected based on a wide range of criteria, including innovation, the social impact of its products and services, business capacity, potential for collaboration with Japanese companies, the opportunity to expand business in Japan, and OUI Inc. (Japan) was selected as the winner.

This year, a social business session was held in which participants competitively shared business ideas to solve social problems at the same time. Among the four participants in the session, SocialTech Japan (Japan), a company that provides affordable medical services to achieve universal health coverage, won first prize.

AEA2022 Award Winners


OUI Inc. (Japan)

Smart Eye Camera (SEC), a smartphone-based medical device that enables eye diagnosis anytime, anywhere and by anyone

  • Score evaluated by judges: A comprehensive solution that extends from diagnosis to treatment was highly rated.


Nervotech (Singapore)

A mobile telehealth management platform for measuring and analyzing physiological biomarkers using video analysis technology

  • Points evaluated by the judges: The smartphone-only solution has the potential to scale its business by collaborating with great partners.

[3rd place]

Liquium (New Zealand)

Technology for producing clean ammonia for fuel using a new catalyst that reduces capital and operating costs for industrial facilities

  • Points evaluated by the judges: The social impact of clean energy can be significant.

[Special Award-AEA Social Business Award]

SocialTech Japan (Japan)

Affordable health services for universal health coverage

[Special Award-Fujitsu Accelerator Award]

Nervotech (Singapore)

  • Judges Comments: “Fujitsu has launched a new brand called Fujitsu Uvance to address cross-industry issues. Fujitsu Uvance focuses on seven areas, one of which is “Healthy Living”. As a DX company, we felt that Nervotec technology could help employees switch between life and work and manage their health to enhance one’s well-being. We hope to explore the possibility of cooperation by taking advantage of mutual synergies.”

[Special Award-IP Bridge Award]

OUI Inc. (Japan)

  • Judges Comments: “This is a very simple device that is easy to take to the field, and we felt it was a practical solution in addressing issues of blindness and low vision. We would like to see them achieve their goal of reducing blindness and low vision by 50%. To that end we hope they benefit from a team Our guidance to strengthen their intellectual property.”

[Special Award-The Japan Academic Society for Ventures and Entrepreneurs Award]

Liquium (New Zealand)

  • Judges comments: “The new method proposed by Liquium for mass production of ammonia and CO2-free energy sources can reduce costs by more than 50% and is more promising than the Haber-Bosch process. Although it is intended for use in heavy industry, if it is It is possible to develop ammonia fuel cells at the same time, ammonia can also be used for transportation, and the market will expand further. We have high expectations that a new unicorn will appear from New Zealand.”

[Special Award-Life Science Award]

OUI Inc. (Japan)

  • Judges Comments: “OUI Inc. has great technologies and products, as well as excellent vision. Moreover, we see great potential for telemedicine and AI-based surgery. We hope that OUI Inc. can help patients around the world. Congratulations. ”

[Special Award-Microsoft Award]

Araf Corporation (Japan)

Real-time remote control system that can be customized to match existing construction equipment and connected via the Internet

  • Judges Comments: “ARAV Inc. is the company that thinks a lot about using IoT data, and we thought they could have the greatest impact by collaborating with us because of their repeatability and scalability. We also believe they could collaborate with large Japanese companies in the construction and agricultural industries because For its market impact, ease of implementation and relevance to the IoT business. By doing so, they will be able to achieve social impact and sustainability.”

[Special Award-Audience Award]

Nervotech (Singapore)

For a list of startup entrants and their businesses, visit

About AEA2022

Official Website: (Einglish) / (Japanese)

Host: Steering Committee of the Asian Entrepreneurship Award


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Source: Asian Entrepreneurship Steering Committee

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