Organize Your Apple Photos: How to Create, Edit, and Share iPhone Albums

Organize Your Apple Photos: How to Create, Edit, and Share iPhone Albums

You may have taken thousands of photos with your iPhone over the years, but if you don’t take the time to organize those photos, it can be difficult to find specific shots. One way to arrange photos on your iPhone is to create albums for them.

Once you add the photos to an album, you can sort and filter the photos, create slideshows, and share them with others. And if you sync your photos via iCloud, your albums will appear on all of your Apple devices. Here’s how it works.

How to create an album on iPhone

To create a photo album, open a file Apple Pictures app on your iPhone. To view all of your photos, select File Library The option is below or choose albums > accident.

Take a look at your photos to see how you want to organize your folders into albums. For example, you can create albums for specific events, people, or places. You can also group photos by type, such as clip art or paintings.

Create an album

From the Recents album, tap the plus sign (+) Code and select a new album from the pop-up menu. Create a name for your album, hit save, and then select the photos you want to add to the album.

You can either click on each individual photo or swipe your finger across multiple photos to select them. When finished, click Add On the top. You can now head to Albums > My Albums to see your new photo album. Choose a specific album to see the photos inside.

Add photos to the album

You can then create additional photo albums for your other photos.

How to edit or delete an album on iPhone

Remove photos from the album

After creating an album, you can edit it if you want to add or remove specific photos. Open the album that you want to edit. If you need to remove something, click Choose and choose pictures. Click on the trash can icon, then choose Remove from album To remove photos from the album

Add photos to an album

If you need to add photos to an album, tap the ellipsis icon at the top and select Add photos. Browse your photo library and select the photos you’d like to add, then tap Add in the upper right to add your selections to the album.

If you need to rename an album, tap on it and select Rename the album from the pop-up menu. Type the new name and press did to change the name.

Rename the album

To delete an entire album, tap on it and select Delete the album. or click on release command at the top of the screen, then choose the minus sign for the album you want to remove.

How to sort albums and create slideshows

Zoom in or out of the album

You can also play with different ways to view the album. Open one of your albums and tap the ellipsis icon at the top of the screen. Faucet Zoom in or Zoom out to change the mind.

You can also choose aspect ratio grid or square photo grid Toggles whether to display each image in its original aspect ratio or as a square.

Sort photos into an album

Click on the cutting icon and select Sort To arrange your photos from oldest to newest, newest to oldest, or in a custom order. With custom order enabled, you can then manually drag and drop images around the grid to sort them based on your own preferences.

You can also click filter Show only favourites, only edited photos, only photos or only videos.

Filter photos in the album

to create video memory or slideshowopen the parts list and select Play video memory or slideshow To have the app create a photo slideshow with background music.

Play a video or slideshow

If you choose the memory video, you can modify the overall appearance by adjusting the font, music, and length. With Slideshow, you can change the theme, music and duration.

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How to share an album on iPhone

Share an album

You can also share entire albums with other people. From the Albums screen or the My Albums screen in the Photos app, press down on an album and select Share photos from the list. You can then choose to share with airdropor a text message or email.

For those with iOS 16.1 or above, you can Create a shared album that others can access and modify in iCloud.

Share the album

To do this, press down on an existing album that you want to share and select it Share photos > Add to a shared album. Create a name for the shared album and enter the name, phone number, or email address of the person you want to share the album with.

Faucet Create, then add a comment to tag the album. When finished, click Mail.

Manage a shared album

To manage a shared album, go back to the Albums screen, press down on the album, and select Shared album details from the list. You can then invite others to view it, add photos, make them accessible on the public iCloud website, and receive notifications when others like the album or add photos and videos.

How to sync albums

Turn on iCloud Photos on the iPad

Another bonus for using iCloud Photos is that your photos and albums are accessible on other Apple devices, including iPad and Mac. To check it out on your iPad, go to Settings> [your name] > iCloud > Photos. Make sure the switch for is turned on Sync this iPad. Allow time for your photos to sync, then open the Photos app to see synced albums under My Albums.

Turn on iCloud Photos on your Mac

On a Mac, go to system configuration and choose Apple ID > iCloud. Can Picturesthen open Photos and select my albums To see your synced albums.

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