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Nreal Air AR glasses put your iPhone on a 130-foot screen

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Nreal Air brings the yet-to-be-realized augmented reality experience through Apple’s augmented reality glasses, with consumer-ready glasses available for purchase now that are compatible with iPhone, iPad and Apple Silicon.

Augmented reality is a popular futuristic technology that extends virtual reality into real life by integrating digital images into a display of the real world. Although you may have tried it with ARKit apps on iPhone, using an augmented reality or mixed reality headset provides a more natural hands-free experience.

Apple has been the subject of many rumors about its development of augmented reality technologies, including products like Apple Glass, but it never actually made it into the hands and eyes of users.

Nile Air They are augmented reality glasses that target consumers and offer augmented reality capabilities in a convenient package. Rather than being a big, fancy headset, the Nreal Air takes the form of a pair of sunglasses with carefully concealed technology.

Playing with Nreal Air glasses

In addition to their domestic environment, users wearing the Nreal Air can see the equivalent of a 201-inch IMAX screen, with a projection of 6 meters (19.7 ft) in front of them. This is powered by a pair of Sony Micro-OLED high-resolution 1080p, per-eye Retina displays with a field of view of 46 degrees and 49 pixels per degree.

The screen provides 108% coverage of the sRGB color gamut, including 16.773 million colors, and a contrast ratio of up to 100,000:1,

When used with an iPhone or iPad using a file Nreal . Converter In mirror mode, connected to an Apple Lightning to Digital AV Adapter, the Nreal Air will display all of your iPhone and iPad apps on a 130-inch equivalent screen 4 meters (13.1 feet) away. Users can use the headset to enjoy popular streaming services in their highly portable personal theater at up to 60 frames per second.

Mirror mode also works well with Apple’s Stage Manager, so it can act as an additional screen when used with the iPad Pro, for example. This can help increase productivity by giving users a huge virtual workspace with the iPad Pro without having to be connected to a physical screen.

Nreal Air Speaker

Nreal Air Speaker

There’s also built-in audio, with a pair of ultra-linear speakers with a bass-enhancing algorithm, so you have sound to accompany your viewing experience. Dual array microphones with omnidirectional MEMs also provide noise cancellation and enable communication in applications.

Of course, depending on your preferences and needs, you can use AirPods with your Apple device instead.

You are not limited to Apple mobile devices, as you can also connect your Nreal Air to a Mac or MacBook equipped with M1. While you can enjoy one large screen, you can also try another potentially productive AR desktop view.

Instead of a single screen, you can see multiple virtual screens in your local environment, all of which are spatially pinned in place and take advantage of built-in 3D head tracking. This may give you the same workspace you would get from multiple physical displays, with the monitors remaining wherever you place them relative to the physical space.

Nreal Air with iPhone Adapter

Nreal Air with Nreal Adapter

Packed in what looks like sunglasses, the Nreal Air is also light at just 80g, and its design has won the iF 2022 Award for design in the Gaming Console and VR/Ar glasses product categories. They are also designed to match many different fashion aesthetics while not shouting to everyone that they are AR glasses.

In addition to the capabilities of Apple devices, Nreal Air also offers many other experiences and is compatible with many other devices, including Android smartphones.

Broader AR capabilities include AR Space for spatial entertainment, a spatial browser for web browsing, YouTube AR, rendering virtual models of real-world places, AR communications, and AR cycling. Nreal also believes that the glasses will help users take their first step into the Metaverse via its 3D playback environment, Nebula, with more upgrades and expansions on the way as well.

In front of the Nreal Air goggles

The front of the Nreal Air goggles

Nreal Air AR glasses are now available, At $379. The Nreal Adapter can be purchased separately for $59 and is designed to work with Apple’s Lightning Digital AV Adapter, available from the Apple Online Store.

The first 500 Nreal Air orders will receive special gifts, including AR T-shirts.

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