Mute toggle not working on iPhone?  try this

Mute toggle not working on iPhone? try this

Some iPhone users may discover that the side mute/silent switch on their device has randomly stopped working. Given that the mute key is the only physical key on the iPhone, and its only function is Put iPhone on silent mute And other than mute, it is inconvenient for these buttons to work as expected.

If you are having issues with the mute key not working on your iPhone, try the steps below to get it working again, or use the solutions provided to find another solution to continue to mute and unmute your iPhone without a working silent key.

Fix Silent Button Not Working on iPhone

Here are some common troubleshooting tricks to make the silent/mute switch work again on iPhone.

1: Hard to restart iPhone

Restarting the iPhone often fixes the difficulties and problems with the device and this includes things like mute keys and hardware buttons not working randomly.

To restart any recent iPhone, press Volume Up, Volume Down, then press and hold Power/Lock until you see the  Apple logo on the screen.

After your iPhone restarts and turns it back up, try using the mute key again to put your iPhone into silent mode, and it should work as expected.

2: Use the auxiliary touch of the default mute button

You can have a virtual mute button with Assistive Touch, which will perform the same function as pressing the mute switch on the device itself.

  1. Go to settings
  2. Now choose “Accessibility”
  3. Go to “Touch”
  4. Choose Assistive Touch and toggle that on
  5. Now press “Customize Top Level Menu”
  6. Click any of the icons you want to replace with the Mute function, then choose Mute from the list of options

Now the assistive touch button will be visible at all times, which you can tap and then choose the “mute” or “unmute” option, which will put the iPhone in silent mode just like the device’s mute button.

If the actual mute switch stops working completely, the assistive touch method is how you can mimic this feature through the software.

Oddly enough, there are no ‘mute’ toggles available in Control Center or in Settings, so if the mute switch on the iPhone breaks and it’s due to a hardware issue, you’ll have to feel comfortable with your iPhone in whatever mode it’s stuck in or by using assistive touch.

3: Turn the volume down all the way in Control Center/Settings

You can also manually put your iPhone into silent mode by going to Control Center or Settings and moving the volume slider all the way to mute.

Swipe down from the top right corner to access Control Center, then drag the volume slider down until the iPhone is on silent and muted.

You’ll need to go back to the Control Center to have the iPhone unmute and turn on and off volume and sound again, assuming the mute/silent switch doesn’t work.

4: Device problem? Contact Apple Support

If your iPhone is under warranty, any hardware issue with the mute switch will be covered by Apple, unless it was caused by iPhone damage anyway.

Regardless, if you’re still having a hardware issue with the mute key not working with your iPhone, it’s best to contact Apple Support to see if they have a solution or if it’s a known issue with the hardware you’re using.

Did you get the mute switch working on your iPhone again? Did you end up using Assistive Touch instead? Tell us about your experiences with iPhone mute switch malfunction in the comments.

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