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Mosyle introduces new security options for iPhone and iPad

Mosyle It ramps up its products with new security protections for iPhone and iPad adding more fuel to the Apple fire in the enterprise.

Ruggedness and compliance options for iPhone and iPad

The company unveils its first endpoint security solution for IT administrators who oversee fleets of Apple mobile devices. The idea is that the product, Mosyle Hardening and Compliance, ensures that employees’ devices are protected and compliant with the latest cybersecurity standards.

“Over the past few years, Mosyle has expanded its reach beyond managing Apple devices and has integrated innovative endpoint security solutions into our platform,” said Alcyr Araujo, Founder and CEO at Mosyle.

Apple’s growth continues to drive expansion

Apple’s expanding position in the enterprise market is generating renewed interest among hackers Undermining the company’s security models in pursuit of money. Just last week, Apple identified and placed protection against the ninth zero-day vulnerability used against iPhones this year.

Araujo believes that the organization that is embracing Apple’s adoption is growing rapidly. recently explained: “Enterprise customers continue to expand their Apple fleets in ways that make us believe we are only now in the early days of the migration era.”

There are several trends driving Apple’s growth. These include IT consumptionmove towards Employee selectionAn apple Security reputationAnd the Product reliability And the Low total operating costs. Interestingly enough, Apple recently revealed this More than half of the Macs sold in the last quarter of the year went to people new to the platformindicating the depth of Apple’s renaissance.

Mosyle cites its own 2022 research to support this, stating that 81% of employees rely on an iPhone for work, and 65% use an iPad for business. The solution is part of the Moysle Fuse package, which the company introduced in May next $196 million Series B financing round.

Larger companies, after listening to employee preferences and learning about cutting-edge enterprise tools offered by Apple and Apple’s specialized endpoint software providers, have begun to update PCs with Macs, which should continue in the coming years. Ultimately, Macs will become the leader in the enterprise,” Araujo said.

Endpoint protection

one thing Transition to remote work It really showed the need to protect endpoints, that once out of the traditional perimeter security protection, the iPhones, iPads, and Macs that people use to get work done at home are vulnerable. At some point during the pandemic, it came out Master Wi-Fi passwords not properly secured, that hopefully changed.

Just like the industry, Apple is moving to address this; Tools like passkeys and new Apple APIs like Authorization device management And the Managed device authentication All of this should be taken as evidence that he understands the need to make endpoints less vulnerable.

what Mosyle hardening and compliance

Mosyle Hardening and Compliance security functions include:

  • Fully automated device security configuration that uses pre-built security controls based on leading security standards.
  • Round-the-clock monitoring of all iOS and iPadOS devices against every enabled security control, identifying non-compliant devices and enforcing necessary fixes.
  • Simplify and automate security audit and certification tasks, including providing records to controlled devices.

It seems that security, especially endpoint security, will continue to be a very big difference between Apple’s device management solutions. It appears that the industry is really divided between three primary approaches:

  • Cross-platform solutions that may not prioritize the Apple experience over other platforms.
  • Pure and more traditional MDM options where security is provided by third party solutions and partnerships.
  • Advanced suites of integrated management tools that combine advanced device management with endpoint protection.

Such is the vitality of this space that it is expected to see more innovation and More acquisitions It happens when Apple becomes the dominant platform for the new workplace.

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