More than a billion tests have been conducted on smartphones using

More than a billion tests have been conducted on smartphones using

SUNNYVALE, CA, September 26, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Future Deal Incorporated Today announced that its robotic and software solutions have been used by customers in the mobile reverse logistics industry to perform more than 1.11 billion rigorously functional tests on used smartphones undergoing refurbishment for resale worldwide. This industry achievement underscores the growing importance of rigorous testing of pre-owned mobile devices for resale in compliance with R2v3 standards for hardware testing and data sanitization.

1,112,325,105 functional tests were performed – and counting
FutureDial reported that in the first week of September 2022, the total number of functional tests being logged through its solutions crossed the one billion mark, and the number of functional tests reached 1,111,232,5105 functional tests conducted by industry customers on refurbished used mobile devices for later resale.

“Functional testing is the backbone of a successful mobile refurbishment process: fast, accurate, customized, and compliant with key industry standards.” Frank Harbest, President and CEO of FutureDial, said FutureDial solutions, whether automated or just software, undoubtedly deliver this value proposition. “Our achievement of this milestone of over 1 billion tests is a clear testament to our success, experience and market leadership. Mobile supply chain customers of all types can choose FutureDial with confidence to help their business process more devices, and do so profitably. “

Test accuracy to meet R2v3 industry standards
Before a mobile phone retailer or recycler can resell, remarket or recycle used mobile devices they have refurbished, they increasingly have to meet regulatory standards such as R2v3 and provide certifications to ensure that they do not expose any sensitive information on the devices. Accurate testing and data scanning for mobile devices has become critical to meeting industry standards such as R2v3. FutureDial solutions go beyond the requirements provided in the R2v3 standard for testing and data sanitization, with validation and certification of every data erase that is logged and available to customers’ data retention and verification needs. This protects the renewal work and ensures that no data remains on mobile devices after processing.

Mobile phone buy-back companies, third-party logistics providers (3PLs), regional Tier 1 wireless carriers, mobile handset manufacturers, mobile refurbishers, recyclers, and other companies in the mobile reverse logistics supply chain are seeking all over the world. worldwide to use accurate and effective functional testing tools that meet the industry standards and auditing required by R2v3. In need of full mobile functional testing of their processing operations, these companies are confidently using FutureDial’s bots and software to meet demand, which is expected to continue to grow monthly through 2023 and beyond. FutureDial functional testing offerings provide these companies with fully automated reports to comply with R2v3 audit requirements.

About FutureDial
Founded in 1999, FutureDial is the leading provider of processing solutions for the mobile reverse logistics supply chain that also supports compliance with industry standards, such as R2V3. Mobile buybackers, third-party logistics providers (3PLs), regional Tier 1 wireless carriers, major mobile device manufacturers (OEMs), mobile refurbishers, recyclers, and other companies in the mobile supply chain recognize FutureDial As the preferred industry-wide solutions provider that streamlines and automates processes, integrating workflows to help mobile processing businesses operate more efficiently and profitably, and meet industry standards and audit requirements. visit or email .

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