Microsoft Teams has more integration options... and other small business tech news this week

Microsoft Teams has more integration options… and other small business tech news this week

Here are five things in technology that happened last week and how they affected your business. Did you miss them?

1 – Microsoft Teams video and audio calls can be transferred to custom business apps.

Microsoft Teams has created a new feature where calls and video can be customized and moved to priority business apps. This allowed companies to reduce the need for employees and employers to switch back and forth between Microsoft and other work-related applications by enabling Teams video and audio conferencing in their business applications. Microsoft hopes this will increase productivity and enhance clarity in communication between colleagues. (source: ZDNet)

Why this is important to your business:

This is one of those little tweaks that can save a lot of productivity. In theory — and with some help for developers — you can embed Teams in accounting, CRM, human resources, or other apps so you don’t have to switch back and forth. I recommend asking a Microsoft developer to spend a few hours setting this up with one of your business applications to see its effect. I bet it has a huge impact.

2 – The famous command “Hey, Google” will be turned off during meetings.

Google launched this new feature where the “hey, Google” command will not be activated during the meeting and 10 minutes before it. The hope is that this will not disrupt any important calls during the meeting. This feature applies only to Google Meet Hardware and is designed for online video conferencing. (source: ARs Technica).

Why this is important to your business:

Another tablet may reduce some headaches. Now when will Amazon figure out a way to turn Alexa off when someone in the room says a similar word?

3— Lenovo announces new version of Evolve Small

Last summer, computer maker Lenovo created a program called Evolve Small to help small businesses in North America with financial aid, business mentorship, technical assistance, and community support. This week, the company announced an expansion of the program to focus more on minority and women-owned businesses. (source: Business Wire).

Why this is important to your business:

According to the company and as part of the initiative, Lenovo, in partnership with Microsoft and AMD, will “continue to fund grants, technology upgrades, and mentoring opportunities for small businesses across the United States and Canada. Selected small businesses will have the opportunity to partner with a high profile celebrity. They can benefit from customized marketing materials and mentorship from Renowned Partner and Lenovo Evolve Small Ambassadors. These small businesses will receive the technology support needed to implement systems and processes that allow them to scale up their day-to-day business operations.”

4 — Apple will release new 10 iOS 16 features that you may not know.

Apple is planning to release iOS 16 with the launch of the new iPhone 14 in early September. (source: computer world)

Why this is important to your business:

These improvements are said to enhance workflow with apps – such as QuickNote – that were originally only available on the iPad. Other new features include a “remind for later” option for mail, a “don’t email” feature, merging of duplicate contacts, public transit fares in Maps, and more.

5 – An app powered by artificial intelligence may extend battery life.

A new AI-powered innovation could extend battery life by 30 percent and help users save money on energy bills. It is also said to help reduce carbon emissions by extending the life of technology goods. The application will first be tested by specialized designers, researchers, and major manufacturers such as Huawei and Nokia. (source: Sci Tech Daily)

Why this is important to your business:

As someone who constantly recharges my phone, anything that can increase my battery life would be most welcome. I hope we can see this technology on the market sometime soon.

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