Microsoft releases Windows 11 2022 update with improved accessibility

Microsoft releases Windows 11 2022 update with improved accessibility

Above: Accessibility options in Windows 11.

Windows 11 2022 Update was released on September 21st in over 190 countries. To deliver meaningful value, Microsoft’s first major updates focus on four main areas: accessibility, security, productivity, and connectivity. Also, in October, Microsoft will introduce an additional set of experiences such as tabs to File Explorer, a new photo management experience, suggested actions, and participation in more hardware features.

With the launch of last year Windows 11 we made for PC A recent update makes Windows the best place to connect, create, and play. We’ve added essential security built into Windows for home and work and made it faster and easier for you to accomplish the tasks you rely on most often on your computers,” said Panos Panay, Executive Vice President and Product Manager, Windows and Devices.

Making computer use easier and safer for everyone

Microsoft is creating new features to ensure that the content and information users need is always within reach, including updates to the Start menu, faster and more accurate search, Quick Settings, improved coverage of local and current events in the ToolPad, and the number one user question. : Tabs in File Explorer (available in October). All this helps Windows anticipate customer needs and save time.

With this update, Microsoft will introduce a set of New Access Features including system-wide live captions to automatically create captions from any form of audio content on Windows 11. Voice access (preview) allows the user to control the computer and type text using only voice, and the natural voices of the narrator closely mirror natural speech, Create a more enjoyable sound to help read or browse the web. About 1 in 5 people take advantage of the accessibility features of a computer.

Empowering people to be more productive

With improvements to Snap layouts, the new Focus feature, as well as performance and battery improvements, the new Windows 11 2022 Update will help the user be more productive.

Snap layouts on Windows 11 have changed the rules of the game for multitasking, helping people improve their view when they need to have multiple apps or documents in front of them at the same time. With the new update, Microsoft is making Snap layouts more diverse with better touch navigation and the ability to capture multiple browser tabs in Microsoft Edge.

Make Windows the best place to connect, create, and play

Microsoft is improving Windows 11 to make communication, creativity, and gaming better with Windows Studio Effects for improved video and audio calls, new creation tools, additional gaming features and updates to the Microsoft Store experience.

The new Windows Studio camera and sound effects help the user look and sound better in conference calls, enabled by advanced AI – with audio focus to filter background noise and make sure the user can be heard, background blur so that only the person can be seen, and eye contact to help make better communication and auto framing so the camera stays with people while they are on the go.

Microsoft is also adding new creation tools to PC to help people better express themselves and their ideas: Clipchamp, as an inbox app for Windows 11, makes video editing simple with templates, effects, and more. This update will introduce performance improvements to improve latency and unlock features like auto HDR and variable refresh rate in framed games. and with arcade game built Right in Windows 11 through the Xbox app, gamers can access hundreds of high-quality PC games.

Today, through Microsoft’s partnership with Amazon, Microsoft is expanding the Amazon Appstore Preview to international markets, bringing more than 20,000 Android apps and games to Windows 11 devices that meet… PropertySpecific hardware requirements. “In addition to a growing catalog of apps and games, we’re also happy to share that we’re moving into the next phase of Microsoft Store Ads beta — helping developers get content in front of the right customers,” Panos Panay added.

Improved phishing protection in Windows 11 2022 Update

Provide more security, management and flexibility in the workplace

“Windows 11 is the most widely used and most preferred version of Windows ever; that is at the same time humble and invigorating. Windows 11 also has a huge impact on helping keep you safe. Microsoft uses more than 43 trillion security signals daily to inform our comprehensive security solutions, Panos Paney.

To meet the needs of an increasingly complex landscape, the new Windows 11 2022 Update introduces critical new security features and new management tools to increase IT efficiency. The new Microsoft Defender SmartScreen identifies when people enter their Microsoft credentials into a malicious app or hacked website and alerts them.

Microsoft has added an optional presence sensing feature to Windows Hello For business, devices with presence sensors work with Windows Hello to securely sign users in when they approach and lock the device when they leave. IT professionals can provide secure, real-time support through the cloud with remote assistance.

Smart app control is also a valuable feature for businesses of all sizes. Available on new Windows 11 devices or with clean installs of Windows 11 Update 2022, Smart App Control blocks untrusted or unsigned apps, malicious script files, and macros from running on Windows 11.

As a result, employees can use the tools they want and need, while owners can relax knowing their organization is protected. Based on the same artificial intelligence used in Windows Defender App Control, Smart App Control can predict the security of an app in real time before it runs on the device. This is a great solution for organizations that have not yet used a modern device management (MDM) tool such as Microsoft Intune.

Delivering continued Windows innovation and value

Windows Update is now carbon-aware, making it easier for users’ devices to reduce their carbon footprint. When devices are plugged in, turned on, connected to the Internet and regional carbon intensity data is available, Windows Update will schedule installations at specific times of the day when doing so will lower carbon emissions because there is a higher percentage of electricity coming from low carbon sources on the electrical grid. Microsoft has also made some changes to the default power setting for Sleep and Screen off to help reduce carbon emissions when computers are idle.

As Microsoft Share back in FebruaryAnd the Users will see that the company releases new features in Windows 11 frequently in addition to the annual update. Microsoft will do this by making use of a variety of applicable update mechanisms including service and Microsoft Store updates. Microsoft has also been building on this with an additional set of experiences coming in October.

  • Improvements to File ExplorerAnd the Including bringing tabs to File Explorer to help users organize their File Explorer sessions as they would in Microsoft Edge. The new File Explorer home page provides quick access to your favorite and recent files.
  • photo appIn an update to the Photos app in Windows 11, Microsoft will introduce a new photo management experience that simplifies browsing, searching, managing, and consuming your collection of photos. It also allows you to easily backup your photos using OneDrive.
  • Suggested actions when copying: Copy phone numbers and future dates and get suggested actions like making a call to Teams or Skype, or adding an event in the Calendar app.
  • Bypass the taskbar: The taskbar will provide an entry point to the entire menu that allows users to view all the redundant applications in one space.
  • Share with more devices: Discover and share with more devices including desktops using Nearby Share.

Availability of updates begins today. To learn more about the Windows 11 2022 Update Rollout Policy, Visit this blog from John Cable.


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