Microsoft Excel Rolls Out New Automation Features...And Other Small Business Tech News This Week

Microsoft Excel Rolls Out New Automation Features…And Other Small Business Tech News This Week

Here are five things in technology that happened last week and how they affected your business. Did you miss them?

1 – The new Microsoft Excel update will give power users plenty to dig with their teeth.

The desktop version of Microsoft Excel will begin to support task automation, a feature previously only available to users of web applications. The new desktop feature will enable users to create, edit, and run Office scripts through the All Scripts task pane and the Code Editor. The update will become available sometime next month. (source: technology radar)

Why this is important to your business:

Scripts can be used in all sorts of different ways. as for Microsoft, some examples include analyzing web traffic logs to determine a user’s country of origin, managing interview meeting times and running a flow to schedule meetings in Teams or validating a teacher’s record of their class grades. With a little training (or outside help), scripts like these can make your spreadsheets a more productive tool for your employees.

2 – Paychex launches the first voice-activated payroll solution.

Paychex It recently announced the launch of a new payroll solution known as Paychex Flex. Paychex Flex will include the Paychex voice assistant, a chat AI feature. This feature will allow payroll administrators to run payroll through any Google Assistant-compatible devices, which we hope will help automate and simplify the payroll process. (source: PRNewsWire)

Why this is important to your business:

Paychex is an existing customer of my company. The reason I am interested in this news is that it is just one of many voice-activated applications and tools that will make major changes to our office workflow.

3 — Betterworks enhances employee performance in work flow with new frictionless integrations with Office 365 and G Suite applications.

performance management company Better Business It announced last week that it plans to integrate with several G Suite and Office 365 applications. The integrations will enable employees to quickly and efficiently manage performance using plug-ins for productivity tools such as Workspace, Excel, Outlook, and Teams. The goal is to encourage more productive conversations between managers and employees. (source: public relations web)

Why this is important to your business:

Betterworks is one of a number of performance management platforms that can help employers of all sizes make sure their workforce is motivated and managed based on their strengths. Features of the platform include assistance with employee/manager conversations, feedback, and goal setting. Many of these applications appear to be enterprise-wide, so they may not be cost-effective for small businesses. But I think as it becomes more popular, versions suitable for smaller organizations will become more available.

4 – Zoom has evolved from a video app to a communications platform.

Zoom recently announced an advanced “visual identity” and a new look, as well as rebranding brands with familiar features. Zoom Chat will now be known as Zoom Team Chat to further enhance collaboration, and features like Zoom IQ for Sales, Zoom Call Center and Zoom Whiteboard will continue to evolve to better meet the needs of remote teams. (source: Zoom)

Why this is important to your business:

There is no doubt that more people have finally returned to the office. Zoom, which literally saved the world during the pandemic, must now adapt to the new workplace. And it does this by trying to compete with Microsoft, Google, and Slack. There’s one thing in their favor: Zoom has always been more reliable – and easier to use in my opinion – than most other collaboration apps available, so that might help sell some companies these new features.

5 – Logitech’s new webcam has a neat built-in privacy shutter. |

Logitech It introduced its new webcam called the Brio 500. The new camera – which comes with a compact and elegant design – has a physical shutter for privacy. To trigger the shutter, users simply turn a dial on the right side of the webcam. (source: the edge)

Why this is important to your business:

Or you can use a piece of masking tape.

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