Launched the HUAWEI nova Y61 Smartphone with 50MP AI Triple Camera in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Launched the HUAWEI nova Y61 Smartphone with 50MP AI Triple Camera in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Huawei Tech Investment Saudi Arabia today announced the launch of the HUAWEI nova Y61, the latest smartphone in the HUAWEI nova Y series. From its most practical features such as camera technology to its understated design, long battery life, fast charging, smooth user experience and reliable quality, the HUAWEI nova Y61 builds a user experience Technology merges with fashion.

HUAWEI nova Y61

Convenience-centric user experience with first-class design

The HUAWEI nova Y61 is designed with a star-effect finish. When placed under the light, the back panels glow wonderfully and remind us of a brilliant galaxy, taking us back to the distant foundation of time when stars and universes were born. Meanwhile, the structural design of the smartphone is inspired by modern architecture. On top of the grand design concept, thin and simple bezels give the device a modern flair. Proportional surfaces on both sides of the center frame make the overall body slim enough for a comfortable, easy grip and remain fingerprint-free.

Light and shadow flow smoothly around the HUAWEI nova Y61’s triple rear lens. The three lenses are now combined into a more streamlined and delicate body and elegantly arranged in a triangle, creating an elegant visual balance and a better-than-ever design.

The HUAWEI nova Y61 is a slim smartphone that is perfectly sized and portable for everyday use. Users can also unlock their phone at a secure, convenient, and convenient fingerprint power button. Despite its small size, the side-mounted power button can accurately detect your fingerprint and unlock your phone with a simple touch and push.

Experience the HUAWEI nova Y61 in three brand new colors inspired by the cosmos and the natural world. Whether it’s a bright, fresh color or a dark and elegant hue, you’ll be able to choose from a variety of colors to make a bold personal statement. Midnight Black is inspired by the serene night sky full of stars; Blue sapphires are reminiscent of the precious gem often seen on the royal family’s outfits and glamour; Mint Green is a light, pastel green shade inspired by the colors of nature.

Elevate your smartphone camera experience with a 50MP AI Triple Camera

One of the highlights of the HUAWEI nova Y61 is the 50MP AI Triple Camera. The three rear lenses are equipped with a 50MP main camera, allowing you to capture high-resolution photos with crystal clear details and perfect brightness. The second rear lens is the 2MP depth camera. The Depth Camera works in conjunction with the 50MP main camera to produce well-aperture photographs that highlight the subject and its features in full clarity, enriching the layers of the image capture, and creating a bokeh background that won’t contrast too harshly with the image. The main subject of the shot. Finally, the third lens will be the 4cm Macro Camera, which allows users to explore the microscopic world beyond their comprehension.

The HUAWEI nova Y61 supports the Super Night Shot feature, which allows you to capture beautiful night scenes without a tripod. Super Night Shot adopts multi-frame noise reduction algorithm, which can better suppress highlights. Moreover, Super Night Shot can capture up to 6s shutter speed, allowing for longer exposures.

The HUAWEI nova Y61 also has an AI snapshot, which intelligently detects motion through Huawei’s scene detection algorithm. The anti-fool point point-and-shoot shutter adjusts shutter speed adaptively and automatically freezes the moment in motion. This will save you from the hassle of learning new techniques for such shots. Whether you’re photographing your pets in action, playing sports, or kids running, now you can freeze that moment in time and capture a precious memory without hesitation.

  • Various shooting modes

The rear camera also comes with a Slow Motion feature, which can be used creatively, especially for content creators who want to shoot cooking videos, or precious moments at a sporting event or concert. The camera is also designed with Master AI, which can intelligently identify specific objects and scenes, optimize color and brightness, and achieve better scene-based photos in various scenes, including selfie, food, sunrise/sunset, snow, etc.

22.5W HUAWEI SuperCharge for all your mobile work and entertainment needs

The HUAWEI nova Y61 is powered by a 5000mAh battery, which can support heavy usage hassle-free. With 9.5 hours of gaming, 25 hours of phone calls, 13.5 hours of web browsing, and 13.3 hours of video streaming. In addition, the 22.5W HUAWEI SuperCharge charges much faster than competing products in the same device. The HUAWEI nova Y61 also has an intelligent battery capacity assistant. Through the built-in detection algorithm, it can intelligently detect the battery capacity, determine the battery status, and send battery capacity reminders to consumers.

6.52-inch HD + screen

The HUAWEI nova Y61 comes with a 6.52-inch screen with a resolution of 1600 x 720 pixels with built-in HD+ technology. On top of the HD viewing experience, users can also experience the phone screen with features like 8x Ultra HD touch control. Users can enjoy TP touch experience with pixel-level precision and smoother touch experience. What’s more, the intelligent Dimming Master can also record user’s dimming preferences in low-light environments and strong-light environments and create parameters for their preferences. The user’s preferred brightness level is recorded once, and when the user is in the same dark or bright environment again, it can be automatically set to its preferred value.

Live a smarter and more efficient life with EMUI 12 Seamless AI Life

The HUAWEI nova Y61 supports the Super Device, which allows for seamless connection with just one slide of a button, and is compatible with products such as the HUAWEI Vision and HUAWEI FreeBuds 3/4. Users can also activate Simple Mode to get bigger fonts, bigger icons, and higher volume—three features that allow for greater accessibility. This feature will help older users who are trying to keep up with modern technology and want a more simple and user-friendly user experience. Operating service widgets can also help consumers set up many different widgets and pages according to different lifestyles and needs, making the smartphone experience more intuitive and efficient.


Reliable, innovative, easy-to-use and secure AppGallery is available on HUAWEI nova Y61, where users can easily navigate, explore, find and download a wide range of quality apps.

Price and availability in Saudi Arabia

The HUAWEI nova Y61 will hit the shelves on November 16th and will be available in Midnight Black, Sapphire Blue, and Mint Green in Saudi Arabia at a price of 579 SAR. Huawei online platforms as well as authorized retailers.

A special offer is available on the shelf from November 16 to 30, with gifts including HUAWEI AM115 earphones, a free 3-month STC TV VIP subscription, a Chicpoint voucher of up to SAR 150, a two-year warranty valid in the GCC and Egypt and a free lifetime warranty. program life.

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