Jimmer Fredette Joins Tandem Ventures - TechBuzz News

Jimmer Fredette Joins Tandem Ventures – TechBuzz News

Join Gamer Fredt Tandem Ventures as her newest partner. The Draper-based investment firm announced today at the Silicon Slopes Summit 2022, where Fredt spoke to a crowd of more than 8,000 attendees at Utah’s largest annual tech conference, this year on the grounds of the Vivint Arena, a familiar venue for Fredette.

Having spent the past 11 years playing basketball professionally in the U.S. and abroad, wowing fans with his otherworldly ability to sink long strikes time and time again, Friedt will leverage his global network to score some of Utah’s hottest deals in the coming months and years. Join co-founders Alex Bean and McKee Dunn in one of Utah’s newest investment funds, Tandem Ventures, which was formed earlier this year.

Tandem Ventures is a new venture company in the growing technology community in Utah. Dan and Ben have been through fundraising, the exits, and the pains and joys of starting and growing a company. They created Tandem to be an investor-friendly company initially focused on special purpose vehicles and special purpose vehicles, enabling faster returns for investors and unique access to Some of the most promising technology companies in Utah. By leveraging their own expertise, network of operators, and capital, they help build the next wave of unicorns. So far, Tandem’s SPV approach has focused on post-phase B2B companies (Series B and beyond) with a focus on Software as a Service (SaaS). It has executed three private equity transactions so far. However, in the new year the company plans to add early-stage investment to its portfolio: pre-incorporation leadership, seed, and Series A to reach 10 to 15 investments per year.

TechBuzz met with Fredette and co-founder and partner McKay Dunn to talk about the Tandem Partner Team.

The company’s investment thesis generally focuses on B2B and SaaS. “At a high level, we are specialized and focus on supporting the right teams. Especially in the early stages, investing in projects is all about founders. We are looking to build teams that are hungry to win and build exceptional companies. If we want to find these people, we are confident we will fund the wave. The following of unicorns in Utah.”

The company works by helping a new group of entrepreneurs transition from secure work and full-time jobs to creating start-ups.

“One of our passions is to provide talented entrepreneurs with funding so they can quit their jobs and start businesses,” Dan says. “We know it’s hard for talented people to leave well-paying jobs to start something new and take a lot of risk; we want to mitigate that risk by helping these talented people bet on themselves.”

Fredette has been quietly working with Dunn and Bean over the past few months in order to expedite the company’s operations and investments. “There are two very important things about Venture,” Dan says. “One, seeing the right deals, and two, winning those deals. Jimmer helps us with both. He’s a huge added value, great judgment of character and knows how to build teams.”

“I think we have a really good team… Alex built Divvy from zero to a $2.5 billion exit in five years, McKay with his background and network in venture capital, and then for me, he brought me the spirit of competition and knowing a little bit about the project space, the ability For getting us the best rooms and the best deals – and being able to win those deals. That’s what we’re planning. It’s a new challenge and I’m happy and excited about it,” Fredt.

“Jimmer has made a great name for himself on and off the court,” says Alex Bean, Divvy co-founder and co-founder and partner of Tandem. We’re excited to have him on the team and see what we can bring to the tech ecosystem in Utah.”

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