It is now rumored that the Apple iPhone 15 will adopt a titanium curved side frame

It is now rumored that the Apple iPhone 15 will adopt a titanium curved side frame

A new rumor is circulating around Twitter claiming that Apple may be exploring a small but significant design change with the upcoming iPhone 15 series. Well-known leaker ShrimpApplePro (VNchocoTaco) has that file iPhone 15 It can adopt a side frame that curves towards the back instead of being flat as in iPhone 12/iPhone 13/iPhone 14 generations.

This could bring the iPhone 15 series in line with Apple’s latest design advancements. The latest MacBook Pro uses a somewhat similar design language, which uses a side frame that has a right angle on one side and curves slightly on the other, similar to a “J”. Interesting that “apologetic plastic”iPhone 5c nearly a decade ago with a similar design, with a flat screen and a curved back. Could we see a return to this form, but way, in a more unique way?
For a refresher, Apple is no stranger to backing down on its design decisions, no matter how accepted. While the design of the newer iPhone with its industrial edges seems to be universally loved, Apple is coming off years after years of curved bezel designs that started with the iPhone 6 and culminated with the iPhone 11. That and Iphone 5 And the iPhone 5s It carries much of the same beloved design that can be seen in Apple’s latest iPhones.

A design like this would bring the best of both worlds together: the superior, ultra-sophisticated look of the flat stream design paired with the objectively better ergonomics of the slightly curved back design, which won’t scrunch in the palm of your hand as much.

ShrimpApplePro also reports that Apple may use titanium instead of stainless steel with the iPhone 15. Because titanium is super premium, we expect that only iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Ultra can adopt titanium frame, while iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus may adopt Stainless steel frames, aluminum trim iPhone 14 And the iPhone 14 Plus. We don’t see Apple abandoning the use of glass backings on future iPhones given how invested Cupertino is with MagSafe, and MagSafe won’t work well with anything else but glass.
Titanium is just beginning to play a small but important role within the vast Apple family. For example, file Apple Watch Ultraonly available in titanium, can serve as a litmus test to gauge interest in more premium materials for the iPhone lineup.

However, the leaker generally advises taking his words with caution and a pinch of salt, as it’s still too early to draw definitive conclusions about the next generation iPhone 15 (though Apple has certainly shut down everything about the project already).

So far, we expect four new iPhones to be unveiled in September 2023: iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Ultra. The Dynamic Island hole punch is expected to fit all four upcoming models, and ProMotion is said to be appearing on all models as well. The iPhone 15 Ultra And the iPhone 15 Pro is, of course, the most interesting of the new devices that can be expected, and the rumor has it Both of them may drop hardware volume and power buttons for capacitive buttons, similar to how the iPhone 7 dropped the device’s Home button for a fixed button. Of course, as already confirmed, all future iPhones will come with USB Type-C instead of the Lightning ports on the bottom.

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