Is your iPhone camera not working?  Here's how to fix it

Is your iPhone camera not working? Here’s how to fix it

Don’t panic if your iPhone camera is not working. It’s either a software issue or a hardware issue, and there are several possibilities that you can work through systematically to isolate and fix the problem. Having a panic attack is not one of those possibilities! Scroll down to start trying out the different possible solutions. You might get lucky and get it working again after the first try.

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If your iPhone camera is not working, then start working through the usual suspects, such as restarting the camera app, updating iOS, restarting your iPhone, etc. The most extreme measures include resetting iPhone settings, factory resetting the entire phone, checking for hardware issues, and contacting Apple Support.

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Switch between front and back camera

If your iPhone camera is not working, it is most likely due to the camera app not loading properly. One way to unblock any bottlenecks is to cycle between the front camera and the back camera and back again. Hopefully this helps get things moving again.

The icon you want to press to move between the cameras are the two circular arrows next to the shutter button. Tap it a few times and see if the screen improves.

Restart the camera app

Close the iphone camera app

If switching between cameras doesn’t work, then Close and restart the camera app It is your next step. This is very easy to do. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen until you see smaller versions of each of your open apps. Then swipe up on the Camera app window. This will turn off the camera.

Of course, to open the Camera app again, just tap the camera icon on your home screen.

Turn off VoiceOver

Enable Zoom Access on iPhone

The next step is to see if VoiceOver is turned on. VoiceOver is a file Access feature On iOS, it may sometimes interfere with camera operation. So you need to disable VoiceOver and see if that makes a difference.

go to the Settings > Accessibility > VoiceOver. Toggle VoiceOver on if it’s on.

Restart your iPhone

iPhone restart

It’s time now Restart your iPhone. We rarely restart our phones these days, so maybe the old “Have you tried turning it off and on again?” Routine is all you need.

With recent versions of iPhones, all you need to restart the device is to hold down the volume down button and the power button. When Swipe to turn off The option appears on the screen, swipe right. Wait 15 to 20 seconds before restarting.

iOS update

new ios update

Does the camera still refuse to cooperate? Then check to see if you Run the latest version of iOS. go to the Settings > General > Software Update. If you are waiting for an update, download and install it.

Reset all iPhone settings

If you’ve made it this far, you’re heading to the nuclear options, which is when it’s time to start resetting things. The easiest reset option is to reset all settings. This does not erase your content, such as photos and music. It resets things like Your network settingsAnd the Location and privacy settingsand so on.

go to the Settings > General > Transfer or Reset iPhone. Choose Re-SetNot Erase all content and settings. Then choose either Clear all settings Or one of the others if you prefer to try individual things.

iPhone reset all

Factory reset your iPhone

Nobody wants things to get this far, because completely erasing the phone and going back to factory settings is a huge pain in the back. You have to make sure you have a workable backup and then you sit back and wait for the phone to do its thing. But if the previous tips won’t get your iPhone camera working again, you probably don’t have a choice.

Erase Wipe Reset iPhone Confirm

Contact Apple Support

iPhone Apple Support

If all of the above doesn’t work, it’s time to call Apple Support. You will most likely encounter a hardware issue that can only be fixed by Apple. If you still have a valid warranty on your phone, you may even be able to have the phone replaced if the camera issue is beyond repair.

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Most likely because the camera app is not loaded properly. Close the camera app and restart it. Or switch between the front and back camera to smooth things out.

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