Is iPhone No SIM error bothering you? Fix it in 9 easy steps

Tired of the iPhone no SIM message popping up on your face out of nowhere? You can’t access your cellular service provider’s network if your iPhone is showing the message ‘SIM card not installed’. In other words, you cannot make or receive calls and you cannot use your wireless data on 4G or 5G. Well you are in the right place.

The name of the telecom operator and the signal bars/dots are usually visible in the upper right corner of the Monitor. If it is found missing or replaced by no SIM card or search messages, iPhone will also detect no SIM card problem in iPhone.

Why does my iPhone say there is no SIM card installed when there is one?

Invalid SIM card issue in iPhone can occur due to several reasons. It is possible that the device will not recognize the iPhone’s SIM card, which will be required to connect to such networks. Your SIM card might be a bit loose or a software issue with your phone could also be the source. There are many reasons why the iPhone has no SIM card and no service issue. You may encounter any of these simpler

  1. There is no SIM card
  2. The SIM card is present but not installed
  3. SIM card technical error – Invalid SIM card and/or Insert SIM card
  4. S / W buggy update, though very remote chance

One of the most common reasons for getting iPhone No SIM error message even if a faulty SIM card is installed. Or, the device is unable to read the SIM card due to a wrong location on the tray or even the tray is loose, which results to the “No SIM Card” error. Or this message may appear on a damaged SIM card, especially for gold contacts.

Why does my iPhone say No SIM and No Service?

It is difficult to determine the exact cause. There are cases when it is clearly wrong and there are a few cases, it is due to the iPhone overheating or dust on the SIM card. Sometimes, it is because your iPhone says no SIM card after dropping it. The iPhone says no SIM card after getting wet too.

In the worst case, it can be a faulty SIM card when you have to rush out to buy and install a new SIM card for your iPhone. However, before choosing a new cause, isolate the root cause. Put the faulty SIM card in another phone and test it. Or install someone else’s SIM card in your iPhone and test it. However, make sure that the SIM card must be compatible with the iPhone.

No matter what problem you are facing, you can fix iPhone No SIM without knowing the technical reason behind it. All you need is a needle or a pin along with a few software changes to get rid of the “No SIM card installed on iPhone” error.

But before you fix it, you should know where the SIM card tray is located on your iPhone. On iPhone 4 and later, the SIM card tray can be found on the right side of the phone. It’s located next to the Sleep/Wake (or Side) button. SIM card sizes vary from micro to nano and even e-SIM, depending on the model you have.

The “iPhone No SIM” disclaimer is likely not to appear if another SIM card is inserted in your phone and it is working properly. Alternatively, you may need to contact Apple or go to your local Apple Store if trying another SIM card doesn’t solve your problem.

Whatever the root cause behind the problem, there are several solutions that can help you bypass iPhone No SIM, Invalid SIM, or No Service error. Check them out below

How to fix iPhone SIM not installed for real?

For iPhone users, the specific iPhone No SIM error means that the device is unable to connect to the SIM card and the continuity between the voltage terminals on the SIM card is disconnected in some way. There are several valid and practical reasons behind the error. If you are getting an error or the cellular bars are missing, the following solutions can be tried

Check if the SIM card is valid and working

First of all, check if your SIM card is active with a telecom provider and iPhone is unlocked. go to the Settings >> Mobile Network >> SIM info. If the SIM card is valid and activated, the message “Your SIM card is active” will appear. You may need the help of your telecom operator if you spot 4 question marks against the signal strength indicator in the settings.

These instructions should be followed if you get a message that says “Invalid SIM” or “SIM card not installed”.

1. Verify that you are enrolled in a plan with your wireless carrier.

2. Restart your iPad or iPad Iphone.

3. Look for Carrier Options Update. Go to Settings > Privacy > About. You will be given the option to choose OK or Update if an upgrade is available.

4. Take your SIM card from your iPhone or iPad and place it in the SIM card tray. Check that its SIM card tray is securely closed and not loose. It cannot fit properly when using the SIM tray from an iPad, iPhone, or other phone manufacturer that is not the same model.

5. Try a different SIM card. If you don’t have one, visit your carrier’s retail website and ask them to test with a different SIM card. Your SIM card may need to be changed.

6. Contact Apple support Or visit the nearest Apple Center if you keep seeing an iPhone No SIM alert.

However, keep in mind that if you are from the US and own the latest iPhone 14 lineup, there will be no physical SIM tray. Instead, you will use an eSIM.

Remove the SIM card and reset the iPhone

Reset iPhone By removing the SIM card. The first solution is to try to put the SIM back in place and make sure that it is firmly in place because the problem of no SIM card often causes the SIM card to shift slightly.

Force restart your iPhone

Try restarting Iphone, which is an all-purpose solution to many iPhone problems, if it still won’t identify the SIM card. How many problems can be solved simply by rebooting will amaze you.

1. Force restart your iPhone

The first thing you should do is force restart your iPhone. It is also the easiest way to adopt while facing typical iOS issues like iPhone stuck on Apple logo Or iPhone No SIM card error. Although it may not work, it is still worth a try as the procedure will not harm anything on your device. In addition, you can perform the hard reset without a computer.

Clean the SIM tray and card from dust

no SIM card The card fitted error should go away after a short while (wait for up to a minute), and the normal bars with the carrier name should appear at the top of the iPhone screen. If it doesn’t, take out the SIM card and check the card and slot for dirt. Clean them up if they are. Blowing into the hole is probably acceptable, but compressed air is always best.

Close the SIM card tray completely

Make sure that the SIM card tray on the side of the iphone is completely closed otherwise the card may not be fully slotted causing the No SIM error.

Turn on/off airplane mode

Why does my iPhone say

Turn on and off airplane mode. The next thing that you need to do is to turn it on and off again in Airplane mode if you are still facing the SIM card issue. By doing this, the iPhone connection to cellular networks can be reset, which may fix the problem.

Reset network settings

Why does my iPhone say

It is advised to reset network settings by tapping on Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. When prompted, enter the passcode, and enter network settings reset again to confirm.

Install the latest version of iOS

Make sure your iPhone is updated to the latest iOS version. Before doing this, make sure that your device has a sufficient amount of battery life, is connected to Wi-Fi, or is connected to a computer. You can check the software version by tapping Settings > General > Software Update.

If you find that your iOS version is the latest but you still get iPhone No SIM error, then move on to the next tip.

A valid iPhone account

Verify that your phone account is valid. Your phone provider’s account may not be legitimate either. You must have an existing subscription with a carrier in addition to your smartphone to connect to one of their networks. You can get a SIM card error if your membership is disabled, canceled, or has some other problem.

Verify that the carrier settings are correct

Look for an iPhone carrier settings upgrade. If the phone carrier has modified the backend of how the phone connects to their networks and you had to install it, this may also be the reason why the SIM card is not being recognized.

The SIM card is broken

Check your SIM card to see if it is broken. Your SIM card may have a hardware problem if your iPhone keeps claiming that it doesn’t have a SIM card.

Trying to insert a local SIM card from a different mobile phone that you are confident will work properly is one way to assess this. Use a regular card, microSIM, or nanoSIM if that’s what your phone requires.

Factory reset iPhone

Why does my iPhone say

The last tip to fix iPhone No Sim issue is to consider a factory reset. However, before choosing it, take a backup of your iPhone data.

To reset your iPhone, go to Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings. Immediately, confirm your identity with Face ID / Fingerprint / Passcode. Tap on Erase iPhone.

Contact Apple Support

If you insert another SIM card but a file No sim card installed The alert, iPhone’s SIM card has failed, no longer appears. apple Or any phone provider can provide you with an alternative.

Hence, if you have this question – “How to get rid of no SIM card” Iphone? If none of the above steps work, one can approach Apple tech support or Apple Genius Bar For more help.

You can also choose to chat with an Apple expert, call a customer service hotline, or even send an email. The other way to connect is to set up a meeting slot with the “Genius Bar” of any Apple Store to get help from a tech expert.

I hope this helps you to solve the problem. You can comment below if you are still facing any issues.

Share with PhonesWiki in the comments section about your Apple iPhone No SIM encounters. We’d love to hear how you fixed it.

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