iPhone reaches the highest monthly market share in China

iPhone reaches the highest monthly market share in China

  • One in every four devices sold in China during October 2022 was an iPhone.
  • While sales from other major OEMs declined in October, Apple’s grew 21% sequentially. On the other hand, China sales fell by 15%, while Apple’s sales fell by only 4%.
  • Apple has emerged as the clear winner for Huawei’s share of the premium market
  • iPhone 14 Pro Max was the best-selling device in China in October, followed by iPhone 14 Pro.

Beijing, Seoul, Taipei, London, Boston, Toronto, New Delhi, Hong Kong – December 1, 2022

apple Reached its highest ever monthly market share (25%) in China in October 2022, while becoming the country’s No. 1 OEM for the second consecutive month, according to Counterpoint Research’s monthly Market Pulse Service. October also marked the first full month of iPhone 14 series sales. One out of every four devices sold in China during the month was an iPhone.

While sales from other major OEMs declined in October, Apple’s grew 21% sequentially. On an annual basis, China sales fell 15%, while Apple sales fell only 4%, which helped increase Apple’s market share.

Apple has reached new heights in terms of market share in China in the past two years. It reached a record monthly market share in November-December 2020, and in October-November-December 2021. It should be noted that 2020 was also the year that we Huawei has been sanctioned.

Apple’s sales share in China

Source: Counterpoint Research – Monthly Market Pulse

Commenting on the market growth in China, Research director Ethan Chi He said, “China The market has been sluggish due to multiple factors, including macroeconomic pressures and COVID-19 lockdowns that have hurt consumer confidence. Overall sales decreased by 4% compared to the previous month. However, Apple managed to defy the market trend. This also demonstrates the flexible nature of Excellent section. Looking at the trend of the past couple of years in China, it’s clear that Apple has emerged as the clear winner for Huawei’s share of the premium market. It has become almost an undisputed leader in the luxury car segment in China. The iPhone 14 series started off well with the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max performing better than the previous generation. iPhone 13 also continues to perform well, with iPhone 14 offering a bit of differentiation from iPhone 13.”

The iPhone 14 Pro Max It was the best-selling device in China during the month, followed by the iPhone 14 Pro. Comparing the first five weeks of iPhone 14 Pro series sales in China With sales of the iPhone 13 Pro series for the same period, the share of the Pro series in sales of the iPhone 14 series was 70%, compared to 47% in the iPhone 13 series.

Commenting on the increasing trend of the Pro series penetrating into the iPhone 14 series, Senior Analyst Varun Mishra He said, “The growing trend of popularity of the Pro series is not limited to China. It is also found in other major markets such as the United States. Apple is now offering significant design and specification differentiation between the Pro and non-Pro lines. For example, the Pro versions now get the latest Processor in addition to the dynamic island, which increases the exclusivity of the collection. Consumers can see obvious added value in the additional spending of the Pro versions. In our preliminary interviews in the past, we also found that consumers demand greater differentiation for the Pro versions. As a result, there is a clear shift in demand towards the Pro range on the 14 Series. Wait times also point in the same direction. Delivery times for the Pro Series were 3 to 4 weeks across key regions with supply meeting demand. Overall, the Pro Series will help Apple reach benchmark average selling prices ( ASP) in 2022.”

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