iPhone in Permanent Low Power Mode: How to Do It and What to Lose

iPhone in Permanent Low Power Mode: How to Do It and What to Lose

everything Iphone Lowest user favorite alert: “Low battery. 20% battery left,” as well as options to tap “Low Power Mode” or go into a refusal state by tapping “close.” at least iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max Users now receive low battery alerts via dynamic islandinstead of an invasive popup, but it’s still a welcome message.

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Low Power Mode will automatically turn off once your iPhone is charged to 80%, but what if you want to keep it on all the time? How long will your battery last, how fast will it charge and how will it affect the performance of your iPhone?

The biggest factors to consider when thinking about always keeping low power mode is your iPhone model, how you use the phone and how concerned you are with saving battery charge. Find out exactly what Low Power Mode disables and how to keep it turned on permanently, if you want to give it a try.

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What is Low Power Mode in iPhone?

Low Power Mode is an iOS setting that disables some iPhone features to save battery charge when it’s low. The iPhone will ask if you want to turn on Low Power Mode when the battery drops to 20%, and then again at 10%.

Screenshot of the battery level graph in iPhone Settings

When your iPhone is in Low Power Mode, it will be tracked in yellow.

Screenshot Peter Butler/CNET

Apple says Low Power Mode reduces the amount of power your iPhone uses to make the battery last longer.

You can tell if you are in low power mode because the battery icon will turn yellow. Your iPhone turns off Low Power Mode automatically when the battery charge reaches 80%.

What features does iPhone Low Power Mode disable?

according to official Apple support page, Low Power Mode makes these changes to conserve battery charge:

  • Turns off 5G (except for streaming video)
  • Set your iPhone screen to turn off after 30 seconds of inactivity
  • Reduce screen brightness
  • Lowers screen refresh rate for iPhone with ProMotion
  • Removes some visual effects
  • Temporarily stop syncing iCloud photos
  • Turns off automatic downloads
  • Pause email fetch
  • Stop background apps from refreshing

Low Power Mode also disables display of HDR videos, turns off the Always On display in iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max, disables video autoplay, and reduces CPU and GPU performance.

How do I turn on Low Power Mode in iPhone?

The manual way to keep low power mode all the time is to put your iPhone into low power mode every time after charging it. You can turn it on manually by going to Settings > battery and switch in Low power mode.

You can also turn on Low Power Mode manually using the iPhone Control Center or with Siri.

How do I keep my iPhone in Low Power Mode permanently?

But there is a simple way to “set it and forget it”. To keep your iPhone automatically in low power mode at all times, you’ll need to get a little ingenuity and build it yourself. personal automation using abbreviations Application.

There are many ways to set Low Power Mode automatically using abbreviations, but for me, the easiest way is to turn on low power mode when the battery is less than 100%. This way, your iPhone is basically in low power mode all the time, but it can also create backups, complete downloads, and receive updates when it’s plugged in and charged at 100%.

Swipe right on the iPhone home screen to access File Application librarythen scroll down and tap abbreviations. Once the app is launched, select automation at the bottom of the screen, then tap the blue button Create personal automation button.

3 iPhone screenshots showing how personal automation works in Shortcuts

Creating personal automation in Shortcuts takes just a few steps.

Screenshot Peter Butler/CNET

On the New animation screen, scroll down and select battery level. Click on the bottom option, located belowthen move the slider to the right for 100%. then press next one. You have set your condition to start an action.

Now create the procedure to set your iPhone to Low Power Mode. On the Procedures screen, click the blue button Add an action button. You can then type “low” in the search box and click Set Low Power Modeor press Scripting and find it under it device.

3 iPhone screenshots showing how to add the Set Low Power Mode action

After adding a Low Power Mode action, you can set it to turn on without asking for it.

Screenshot Peter Butler/CNET

Once you make your choice Set Low Power Modewill appear in the file Procedures Screen as “Low Power Mode On”. click next one. On the next New Automation screen, toggle Ask before running Off to allow low power mode to run automatically. If you wish, you can request a notification each time the automation is triggered.

Confirm “Don’t ask”, then tap he did to end. You are all set. Every time your battery drops below 100%, your iPhone will automatically switch to Low Power Mode.

How much battery does Low Power Mode provide?

You won’t get a definitive answer here. Low power mode value ever discussed Since its release with iPhone 9. While some estimates say the batteries will last about one and a half times using low power mode, Others show very little difference in battery usage.

If you are interested in making your iPhone battery last longer, you will simply need to try Low Power Mode for yourself and see the difference.

My own experience with this early estimation of battery charge lasting around 50% in low power mode. Anecdotally, I find that Low Power Mode is less important when I use the phone more. The benefit of Low Power Mode seems greatest when my phone is idle, or used sparingly for text and 2FA messaging.

How to get rid of Low Power Mode

2 iPhone screenshot showing how to turn off automatic low power mode

Turn off automatic low power mode by disabling or deleting automation.

If you find that Low Power Mode does not save your battery, you can turn off the automation by entering abbreviations and switch Enable this animation. To clear it completely, swipe left on Low Power Mode Automation on the main automation screen, then tap Red delete button.

You can also create your own custom version of Low Power Mode by tweaking your iPhone settings to take some of the actions Low Power Mode does. For example, you can save a large battery by Stop background apps refresh or Adjust brightness settings.

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