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iPhone 14 Pro ‘Dynamic Island’ may delay full screen display technology

Despite some notable progress, one of the main reasons why Apple has not switched to full screen display on the iPhone is likely to be the current quality of the front camera under the screen.

While a portrait photographer might easily come to mind, it’s clear that other technologies like a speaker or earpiece aren’t as basic or anywhere near the quality that Apple demands for an iPhone.

Apple also needs to know how to make Face ID work effectively from under the screen. Or maybe it’s bringing Touch ID back, but this time under the screen, just as it appears on almost every Android smartphone today.

It is certain that the iPhone 14 series will never be launched with a full screen display panel. The notch is still alive, but it’s the dynamic island on the Pro models that got a lot of enthusiasm about Apple’s approach.


For a long time, this is my favorite feature of my new iPhones 14 pro and 14 pro Max. Dynamic Island. Apple has really benefited from cutting the long pill hole. This is beautiful

There’s no denying that Apple has made the most of the pill-shaped camera and Face ID slot in the display panels of the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max.

But amid all the praise, we’re already seeing complaints about the Dynamic Island getting in the way of normal use. This supports The Verge’s reconsidering for the dynamic island as a new idea “inherently incomplete”.

Like any newborn, Dynamic Island is still an unfinished product. It may work well in some cases, but is still less functionally satisfying in others.

While it might generate all the hype for Apple it needs to sell millions of iPhone 14 Pro/Max units, Dynamic Island still needs a lot of improvement to push it to perfection.

Indeed, the Apple designer behind it, Chan Karunamuni, admits that the iPhone 14 is only the beginning, and more are expected to come.

This is just the beginning, but I’m excited to see her start her life!

iPhone dynamic island full screen delay

Of course, more improvements can be expected in future iOS updates. However, the effort to master Dynamic Island to such an extent could be detrimental towards fulfilling another long-term desire among iPhone owners.

Many Android vendors have already adopted full screen designs for their smartphones. Samsung’s latest releases Galaxy Z Fold 4 is a prime example.

The Fold 4 is a masterpiece with its foldable design and immersive display, but the latter comes at the expense of a high-quality selfie camera. With an under-screen shooter, it has one of the worst selfie cameras on any $1,000+ phone.

Sure, the foldable design means you can use the rear camera and cover screen to take high-quality selfies, but these aren’t luxury non-foldable devices like the iPhone.

Galaxy-Z-Fold-Full Screen
Click/tap to view

As noted earlier, Apple is not a company that compromises on quality only in order to develop new technology like Samsung and other Chinese vendors.

It should be perfect, which explains the delay in some features like widgets and the Always-On screen arriving on iPhones when Android was using it a long time ago.

The fact that a lot of work and effort has gone into “reinventing” the iPhone notch suggests that Apple may not be willing to go the full screen display path.

Instead, the focus may be to build on the good start Dynamic Island has had so far. There are a large number of possibilities, as can be seen below.


there Reports That the iPhone 2024 will ship with a full-screen panel and not a cut-out camera like the iPhone 14 Pro, but the positive reception of the dynamic island may convince Apple to stick with a little longer.

The only way an iPhone works without a notch or pill is if Apple can put everything under the screen while still keeping the usual quality of features like the selfie camera, Face ID, and even the speaker.

As it stands, the current quality of the under-display technology is still pretty poor and doesn’t come close to the standards that Apple demands. Let’s not even mention the mixed bag which is the under-display fingerprint scanners.

More interesting is that Android vendors are set to go the dynamic island route By making more use of camera interruptions. Realme and Xiaomi are already making strides, and so are the others.

With this said, Apple may keep the dynamic island longer, delaying the arrival of a full-screen display panel on the iPhone. But only time can tell.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this via the comments section. As for the poll below, the results will be announced in a week.

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