The iPhone 13 is expected to be available at a bargain price in the upcoming sale (Images via Apple, Fortune)

iPhone 13 Walmart Black Friday Sale (2022) Expected Discounts, eGift Cards & More

The iPhone 13 He might be a big winner in this year’s upcoming Black Friday Walmart Sale. As hinted, annual sales will be greater than ever, with three weeks of massive discounts and free gifts for all buyers. While the exact deals and discounts are yet to be revealed, buyers can expect the good things regarding discounts and e-gift cards.

With the release of the iPhone 14, the 13th generation is no longer the flagship, after more than a year in circulation. But the reception of the model was still relatively high, and regional sales showed enormous popularity. Buyers in the US will see the thirteenth edition go on sale this year.

Walmart It has already been announced that the sale will begin on November 7 and will be applicable site-wide. It will be held in four phases, and electronics will be one of the critical areas. This article delves into all the potential bonuses and savings a buyer can get if they decide to purchase the previous generation device.

Walmart Black Friday Sale 2022 might be a great opportunity to buy iPhone 13

The mega event starts on the first Monday, November 7. Walmart announced that it Selling the most important year. With a special focus on electronics, potential buyers will have until November 28 to get the most out of it.

iPhone 12 Pro Max: $500 off iPhone 13 Any Model: $300 off Walmart + Black Friday!

The specific discounts and other perks associated with the iPhone 13 have not been revealed. However, some guesses can be made based on the events that occurred during last year’s sale. Of course, the 13th generation was a new release in 2021. So this year is likely to see even bigger discounts.

The perks are probably better for the previous model than for the iPhone 14. Keep in mind that last year’s sales were unique as the iPhone 12 didn’t have any discounts on its price. On the other hand, iPhone 12 mini got a discount of $200. If the iPhone 13 follows the same pattern, there could be a slight discount of around $50 on the listed price.

There was a $350 eGift that came with every purchase of the iPhone 12, and that’s where buyers can grab a great deal. These gift cards can be used to get more products and the iPhone 13 will likely have a applicable eGift card for at least the same amount.

These gift cards may not be direct discounts, but they are very useful. Buyers can reimburse their purchases in stores for the same amount. Many items can be redeemed during the Walmart Black Friday Sale 2022. The gift card can be applied to the total bill on additional items. iPhone buyers will likely want cases, protective screens, and other accessories. This is where a gift card comes in handy.

However, readers are advised to wait for official details on final ticket prices. The Walmart Black Friday Sale 2022 will start in a week. The trading giant will likely drop its discount catalog soon enough.

It would be interesting to see what kind of incentives are finally being offered to buyers. Besides the iPhone 13, Walmart Black Friday Sale 2022 will have a number of items for sale. Readers are advised to comment on Walmart’s social media handles for the latest information.

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