iPhone 12 is the best iPhone you can buy on a budget

iPhone 12 is the best iPhone you can buy on a budget

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  • Apple removed the iPhone 11 from its lineup when it announced the iPhone 14.
  • While the SE is still cheaper, the iPhone 12 is now the best value iPhone.
  • For $599, the iPhone 12 is a reliable phone with great performance and cameras.

In addition to the new iPhone 14 series, Apple has also revised its lineup. The iPhone 11 is gone, which means the best value iPhone you can buy is now iPhone 12 (Starting at $599).

The iPhone SE (starting at $429)Released in early 2022, it’s still the cheapest iPhone Apple sells, but we think the iPhone 12 offers more bang for the buck. It offers a more balanced experience than the iPhone SE, which is heavy on performance, but is sorely lacking in screen size, design, battery life, and camera options.

iPhone 12

The iPhone 12 is still an excellent phone, even if it’s two years old.

Lisa Eadicicco / Business Insider

The iPhone 12 is two years old, and while it doesn’t have the latest features and performance like the iPhone 14, it’s still an excellent option if you’re on a budget..

Why the two-year-old iPhone 12 is still a great iPhone

iPhone 12 . screen

The iPhone 12 runs on Apple’s A14 Bionic, which is just one generation behind the iPhone 14.

Lisa Eadicicco / Business Insider

Runs on A14 Bionic processor, and iPhone 12 Fully capable of running apps and games quickly and smoothly for years to come. It also comes with a dual-lens camera that still takes high-resolution photos and 4K videos.

In fact, the iPhone 12’s A14 Bionic processor is just one generation behind the iPhone 14’s A15 Bionic, and we expect it to continue to perform like a one-year-old phone rather than a two-year-old phone.

The iPhone 12 and iPhone 14 look nearly identical, connect to 5G networks, and will get several years of iOS updates that include new features, improvements, and security patches. Even iPhone 8 users who bought their phones in 2017 still get the latest updates from Apple, which offers the best support of any phone maker.

The iPhone 12 will likely lose iOS updates two years earlier than the iPhone 14, but most people tend to upgrade before Apple ends support.

MagSafe iPhone 12 again

The iPhone 12 is compatible with most MagSafe accessories, which the iPhone 11 was not.

Lisa Eadicicco / Business Insider

iPhone 12 is also compatible with many MagSafe chargers and accessories such as the iPhone 14.

The only downside to the iPhone 12 is the relatively shorter battery life. However, it easily lasted us a whole day in our neighborhood test review.

If you are looking for a good and reliable phone and are not interested in getting the latest and best phone, iPhone 12 is the perfect choice. If you want something closer in specs to the iPhone 14, we also suggest you look at the iPhone 13, which is also still on sale and starts at $599 for the Mini and $699 for the Standard model.

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