The Secret iOS 16 Features for iPhone Apple Didn't Tell Anybody About

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It’s no secret that the Apple iOS 16 update is packed with useful features, but some of them were never mentioned by Apple. Not when the software was revealed in June nor even after the public release of iOS 16 in September. It’s really surprising considering that a little-known new feature may actually be one of the most important upgrades iOS 16 has to offer for iPhones.

Some of the best new features that are not even listed on the Apple Support web pages for iOS 16 are not listed. The Apple developer documentation does not mention the features below. But that’s part of the fun of getting a big new iOS update – there are so many cool things to discover on your own.

1. Choose the app that opens a link from Messages

When you tap to open most links in the Messages app, they open in whatever app they’re linked to. This is the case for all rich and non-rich links on iOS 16 and lower. However, Apple Sneak in an obscure feature that lets you choose which apps to open links in – but it only works with some not-rich links.

To try it out, long press on a non-rich URL to open the quick actions. If you only see Open Link, it won’t let you choose an app. But if you see multiple app names, you can choose one of these apps. For example, Quick Actions for an iCloud link for a shortcut will display “Open in Safari” and “Open in Shortcuts,” while Quick Actions for a podcast RSS feed link will display “Open in Safari” and “Open in Podcasts.”

2. Use the Apple TV Remote as an app

If you use the Apple TV Remote from your iPhone’s Control Center to control your Apple TV or an AirPlay 2-enabled smart TV, there’s an interesting change for you in iOS 16 that makes it more like an app than just a Control Center widget.

Although you won’t find an app icon for it on your home screen, nor in Spotlight Search or App Library, it works more like an app. Before, when trying to switch apps from the remote, it would just shut down the remote and send you back to the control center. In iOS 16, it already lets you go into the app switcher, so you can quickly go back to your remote after using another app.

Even better, it now contains a file URL schemetvremote: // – So you can create your own app icon for it in Shortcuts app and add it to your home screen. When you do this, it will even appear in Spotlight Search and App Library.

3. Get instant unit conversions in messages

When you’re chatting with others in the Messages app, you’ll likely see a certain unit of measure, currency, temperature, or something else in a conversation, especially if you’re talking to someone from a different country. In iOS 16, Messages allows you to Convert these units to your favorite units.

It works with temperature, currency, weight, volume, distance/length, area, angles, time zones, and more. Some compatible units include Fahrenheit, Celsius, Kelvin, miles, kilometers, feet, inches, yards, quarts, pints, ounces, cups, pounds, teaspoons, tablespoons, horsepower, watts, radians, and liters.

If Messages can convert a measurement, the unit is underlined. Then, simply click or touch and hold the module to get the most popular conversions for your site. Apple has information about using Live Text to convert units in photos, but it didn’t say anything about conversions in Messages.

4. Write, sign and add shapes in your handwritten notes

Another welcome addition to iOS 16 that Apple never discussed is an option Add shapes, typed text, and your signature to any handwritten note in the Notes app. It works exactly the same as Markup in other scenarios, such as drawing on a screenshot, annotating a PDF, marking up an image in an email, etc – just the menu looks a little different.

To add a drawing or sketch to a note, click the Markers (pen) icon from the toolbar above the keyboard or at the bottom of the note. Next, click on the new add (+) icon to find Add Text, Add Signature, and Add Shape.

5. Copy and delete screenshots simultaneously

One of my favorite features in iOS 16 is something I’ve wanted for years: the ability to copy a screenshot to the clipboard and delete the image with a single button. If you are someone like me who keeps a bunch of unwanted screenshots in pictures, you will probably love this.

Or not, Take a screenshot and tap on the thumbnail to open the editor. Then edit the screenshot as needed and tap Done. You will see a new “Copy and Delete” option in the menu. Tap that, and the screenshot will go straight to the Recently Deleted album in the Photos app where it will eventually be erased from your device, and you can use any app’s paste function to add the screenshot image.

6. Create and manage contact groups

Surprisingly one of the biggest and most valuable features that Apple brought us with iOS 16 is not mentioned by Apple anywhere anywhere – Create and manage groups of contacts, now called lists, in the Contacts app. It’s actually the most important update to the Contacts app ever, and the only thing Apple has talked about is merging duplicate contacts.

Before that, you could only create and edit groups of contacts from the Contacts app on macOS or The only thing you can do on your iPhone with iOS 15 and earlier is show and hide the groups you’ve set up on your Mac or the web – unless you’re willing to use a third-party app.

Now, you can create, rename, edit and delete lists, as well as add and remove contacts from them – it couldn’t be easier. But if you’re not aware of it, you may never notice it if you keep using Contacts like you did before.

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