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iOS 16.1 will bring these features to your iPhone

Apple has released the iOS 16.1 Release Candidate to developers. The RC version of iOS is the same as the one that will be released to the general public next week, which means we now know all the features and changes that iOS 16.1 will bring. In this article, let’s take a closer look at iOS 16.1 and check out all the new features it will bring to your iPhone:

live activities

iOS 16 comes with a new customizable lock screen. Users can now change the font type, add a deep effect to wallpapers, add widgets, and do a lot more with the iPhone lock screen. While the new changes are good, one feature that the initial release of iOS 16 missed was the Live Activities feature.


This is a new form of notification that Apple plans to implement on iOS. Instead of sending constant notifications every few minutes, apps will be able to show you a persistent notification that is updated in real time. Apple has also shown some examples of how connectivity and sports apps can take advantage of this feature. Developers need to update their apps before you start seeing this feature turned on on your iPhone.

Dynamic battery indicator

With the release of iOS 16 last month, Apple finally added a feature that allows iPhones with a notch to display the battery percentage inside the status bar. However, the battery indicator left many people confused as it remained full regardless of the battery percentage. iOS 16.1 introduces a new dynamic battery indicator that changes according to the battery level. The new battery indicator makes it easy to see how much battery your iPhone has. Apple has also expanded the battery icon font a bit.

In addition, Apple has also expanded the ability to show the battery percentage in the status bar for more iPhone models. With iOS 16.1, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone XR and iPhone 11 users will be able to enable the battery percentage switch in Settings. As an update, it should be noted that the option to enable battery percentage in the status bar is available in Settings → Battery → Battery Percentage.

Lock screen charging indicator

With iOS 16, Apple removed one of my favorite features in iOS. The company has removed the feature where the iPhone displays the battery charge percentage on the lock screen when it is being charged. iOS 16.1 adds the indicator back to the system.

It works the same way as before, which means that when you press your iPhone’s power button when it’s charging, it will display the charge percentage above the timestamp (shown above). However, the iPhone 14 Pro’s always-on screen does not support the feature, and you need to tap the screen to check the battery level.

iCloud Shared Photo Library

This is another feature that the initial release of iOS 16 missed, but will be available with iOS 16.1. Anyone with an Apple ID can join, view, contribute, and edit the shared iCloud Photo Library, including putting photos in favorites and adding captions.

clean energy charging

For the first time with the initial release of iOS 16, iOS 16.1 comes with Clean Power Charging. Apple says Clean Energy Charging aims to reduce the iPhone’s carbon footprint by improving charging times when the network uses cleaner power sources. While the company has not released any details about the new feature, a report from 9to5Mac In detail how it works.

According to the report, iOS 16.1 runs a background process that downloads carbon emissions forecasts for your area. It collects data based on device location and data provided by the local load balancing authority. The system uses all the data to determine when a clean power charge should be carried out. Using the algorithm, it determines when the power grids in your area are less restrictive and have more clean energy capacity available.

Subscribe to Apple Fitness + using only your iPhone

You can now subscribe to Apple Fitness+ even if you don’t have an Apple Watch on iOS 16.1. If you’re subscribed to Apple Fitness+, you can start a workout, but you won’t see any metrics from your Apple Watch.

Ability to delete wallet app

iOS 16.1 also adds the ability to delete the Wallet app from your iPhone. Earlier, it was possible to remove the app from the home screen, but it cannot be completely deleted. The new iOS version allows users to delete the Wallet app. It can be a useful feature for those who don’t want to use Apple Pay or other wallet features.

Editing the screenshot of the user interface

Apple also (slightly) tweaked the screenshot user interface with iOS 16.1. In previous iOS versions, when I hit Done, the options to copy, delete, and save screenshot appeared from the bottom. iOS 16.1 introduces a new screenshot UI where these buttons appear in the upper left corner below the Done button.

Standard Smart Home Support

Apple announced during the WWDC 2022 keynote that iOS will support Matter Smart Home Standard support “later this year.” iOS 16.1 adds a new “Matter Accessories” section to the Settings app, which means the new iOS version fully supports the new smart home standard.

New copy and paste permission on a per app basis

With iOS 16, Apple introduced a feature that required third-party apps to request user permission before accessing the iPhone clipboard. While the company fixed the bug with the release of iOS 16.0.2, the claim is still showing excessively for some users. iOS 16.1 introduces a new feature that allows users to preset copy and paste permission for third-party apps.

Preload in-app content

New features in iOS 16.1 include a toggle that allows the system to download in-app app content in the background before launching it. With the new switch, users will be able to start using apps right after downloading without having to wait for in-app content to load.

Redesigned wallpapers section in settings

iOS 16.1 allows users to switch between wallpapers directly from the Wallpapers section of the Settings app. The design has also been tweaked slightly to make it easier for users to add wallpapers and view the ones they currently have set. In addition, Apple has also modified the lock screen wallpaper selection user interface.

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