Instagram app keeps crashing on iPhone: How to fix it?

Instagram app keeps crashing on iPhone: How to fix it?

iPhone users are currently experiencing issues with the Instagram app. Hundreds and thousands of users have reported that the Instagram app on iPhone keeps crashing. Learn how to fix this problem easily.

The problem started to surface on Tuesday morning as many users took to Twitter and Reddit to claim that the Instagram app on their iPhones crashes frequently. This made users unable to use the app as it keeps bringing them back to the home screen.

When iPhone users open the Instagram app, it shows the launch screen and then crashes back to the home screen. For some users, the app crashes while using it. Android users have not reported the problem and their version is working fine.

Modernization: A Meta spokesperson confirmed that the company has released an iOS patch to solve the Instagram app crash issue on iPhone/iPad. Users can update the app from the App Store to solve the problem.

Instagram app frequently crashes on iPhone: what is the reason?

The latest Instagram crash issue is due to an in-app bug specifically in the iOS version of the app. It has affected a number of users since Tuesday 4th October 2022, and the issue persists as of Wednesday.

Twitter is full of iPhone users who have reported being unable to use Instagram despite trying all the general fixes. Some users tried to uninstall/reinstall the app while others tried to switch their network connection. However, nothing seems to solve the problem.

@Instagram Fix Your App It’s Been Over 12 Hours And I Still Can’t Open Instagram On My iPhone It keeps crashingOne user wrote on Twitter.

Hey @instagrama, is there any clue why your app keeps crashing on my iPhone?Another user wrote.

instagram fix your app that keeps crashing.. downdetector has thousands of complaints per hour about the app not even opening in the beginning and it’s been over a day‚Ķ. What’s going on with iPhone users?A third user wrote.

There are countless reports of the Instagram app crashing on iPhones since yesterday on sites like Downdetector.

How to fix Instagram app keeps crashing on iPhone issue?

Instagram app crash issue is due to an in-app bug on iOS. Meta has reportedly acknowledged the issue and the tech team is working on a fix. You can try the following solutions to solve it on your iPhone:

Solution 1: Update the Instagram app

The easiest solution to solve this problem is to update Instagram to the latest version available in the App Store. You need to update the app to Version 255.1 Which fixes the latest bug.

Go to App Store on your iPhone and tap the “Update” button. Wait for the update to install. Once this is done, launch Instagram and check if the problem is gone.

Solution 2: Use Instagram on Safari

If you are unable to fix the Instagram app crash issue on your iPhone or the latest update is not available for your device yet, you can use this workaround. Just launch the Safari browser, visit Instagram websiteand log in to your account.

You may use the social media platform via the website until issues with its application are resolved. You can also use other web browsers for this.

These are the only workable solutions to the Instagram app crash issue on iPhones. Hope you are able to solve the problem. If you have any other bug fixes, feel free to share them in the comments section.

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