Indonesia's Smartphone Market Dropped 10% YoY in Q222, IDC EMSNow reports

Indonesia’s Smartphone Market Dropped 10% YoY in Q222, IDC EMSNow reports

Jakarta – Indonesia’s smartphone market had a disappointing quarter in Q222 as it declined by 10% year-on-year despite a quarterly (quarterly) growth of 6.9%, reaching 9.5 million units, according to International Data Corporation (IDC) Quarterly mobile phone tracker around the world. Overall, the first half of 2022 (first half of 22) closed 13.7% lower, compared to the first half of 21, but 3.7% higher than the first half of 2019. Both sellers and consumers prepared for the seasonal Ramadan period, But they faced a slowdown in consumer demand.

In the second quarter of 2002, the government lifted the COVID-19 restrictions that allowed people to return to their hometowns for the first time in two years. With the increase in travel expenses, people spent less on electronics/gadgets than last year. Consumer spending also shifted to other areas such as food and transportation as people returned to normal activities. The rising prices of goods have also added pressure on disposable income, forcing people to prioritize spending on primary needs.” Vanessa AureliaAssociate Market Analyst at IDC Indonesia.

The market is expected to remain weak in the second half of the 22nd year, as macroeconomic factors such as inflation, exchange rate movements, higher fuel prices and increased fuel prices continue to erode consumer spending. With that said, IDC expects the total smartphone shipment to decline in 2022.

Indonesia Smartphone Market, Top 5 Companies Shipments, Market Share, Annual Growth, Q2 22

(shipments in millions)

a company 2 k 22


2 k 22

market share (%)

2 k 21


2 k 21

market share (%)

Annual Growth (%)
1. OPPO 2.0 20.6 2.0 19.1 -3.0
2. Samsung 1.9 20.2 1.7 16.2 11.8
3. In vivo 1.7 17.8 1.8 16.6 -3.4
4. Xiaomi 1.5 15.6 2.8 26.5 -47.1
5. realme 1.2 12.1 1.2 11.1 -1.7
Aharon 1.3 13.7 1.1 10.4 17.9
the total 9.5 100.0 10.6 100.0 -10.0
Source: IDC Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker, 2Q22
Note: All numbers have been rounded.

Top 5 Advantages of Smartphone Company (2Q22)

Oppo Ascended to No. 1 in Q222. OPPO continues to expand its mid-range portfolio (US$200-400), with this segment accounting for 46.9% of OPPO’s total shipments compared to 18.1% in Q221. The segment was average​ The range is mainly supported by OPPO A96 and Reno 7 models. The share of OPPO 5G has increased significantly with the Reno 7.

Samsung to second place in Q2 22. Samsung increased shipments in its mid-range portfolio with the launch of the new A and M models, with the segment’s contribution to total Samsung shipments doubling on a quarterly basis to 23.2%. Several new A and M series models were introduced in 5G variants, which helped Samsung retain the leadership in the 5G sector.

vivo Ranked third in 2Q22 with a strong foothold in

xiaomi, In fourth place, he took a strong position in The US$600 segment, as it no longer faces display barriers in the higher price range. However, Xiaomi’s ranking in the 5G sector fell to fourth place as Xiaomi focused on updating lower-end 4G models (100-200 USD) in the quarter.

real me He remained in fifth place in 2Q22. The newly released C35 and C31 strongly supported

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