Incipio iPhone 14 case review: 100% organic and vegan

Incipio iPhone 14 case review: 100% organic and vegan

The 2022 Incipio iPhone 14 range has arrived just hours after Apple unveiled its latest models. It features improved versions of its core designs, including the Organicore model shown here today as well as some new entries like a more specialized Forme variant with nature-inspired designs. The brand has been looking for standout Apple iPhone cases for years with an eye on an eco-friendly approach lately, and now it’s time to give its Organicore iPhone 14 case a run for its money in the latest. Tested with 9to5Toys Property.

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Organicor Incipio iPhone 14 Case Review

The Incipio iPhone 14 case collection features a range of models, all of which are detailed in our launch coverage of this year’s lineup and featured in our roundup of the best iPhone 14 cases available. The brand’s Apple phone cases are among the most popular options we feature each year, and the Organicore model is sure to be a standout.

Besides the usual raised bezels around the camera and display array, you’ll also find precise cutouts for the mute switch, speakers and charging port, and the textured volume link and power button covers. From there, Incipio says Impact Struts technology — “derived from proven protection technology in the automotive and sports industries” — provides up to eight feet of drop protection complemented by MagSafe-compatible wireless charging.

But the noteworthy aspect of Organicor, as the name suggests, is its environmentally conscious construction. Organicore is Incipio’s 100% vegan formula that’s said to dissolve “completely and harmlessly when disposed of in a compostable environment.” It is “certified to meet or exceed global testing standards ASTM D6400 and EN 13431.” Furthermore, Eden Reforestation Ventures will plant one tree for every organicor box sold.

Here’s a closer look at the spec sheet:

  • 8-foot drop protection
  • 100% compostable plant protection
  • Impact strut protection technology reduces impact force
  • Raised edge protects the screen
  • Works with wireless charging and MagSafe
  • Compatible with 5G
  • Lifetime Warranty

9to5 Take game

The Organicore Incipio iPhone 14 case feels smooth in the hand, providing a semi-fluid feel like silicone but with a softer approach. And I mean that literally – it’s a little slippery to the touch but in an almost satisfying way. However, some added edges on the sides of the case help add some extra grip to the experience.

Clearly available with different colored sides, it also comes with the charcoal and “natural” sandblasting treatment shown for this review. The latter is the most distinctive of the bunch if you ask me, which has a kind of light-spotted appearance with scattered gray spots throughout the yellowish-white primary color.

The text and interior logo embossed in the same color as the case itself are set on the visible back side of the case where you’ll find the square Incipio logo. It’s a fine example of the brand’s thoughtful handling and clean look that I can appreciate – not too much but not too little for people looking for a bit of extra attention other than the totally flat, brand-free options out there.

While we’re talking about the interior, one thing that has gripped this case is its completely nude approach. There are no extra or plush materials on the inside that we see from some brands, but it’s just the same speckled material on the outside. I’d appreciate some sort of microfiber or something like that for resting my phone, but that can potentially be a challenge when it comes to Organicore’s mission to be 100% compostable, and again, you pay the price more. I’m sure it’s possible to maintain this environmental rating with some kind of extra handling of the interior, but Incipio decided to cut the cost to offer a factory solution for iPhone protection with no exceptions here.

Having a tree now with your purchase is definitely a nice plus and a nice privilege to go with an Organicore Incipio iPhone 14 case, but it looks a bit basic for the $40 it’s selling. I’d like to see this case in the $25-30 range – Incipio cases are also rarely sold – to put it on par with some of the other basic silicone options out there. Having said that, the compostable vegan design is definitely a feature you’ll rarely find in this price range from a popular brand like Incipio, and given that many people flip out their phones with a new case every year or two, $40 It deserves consideration for anyone looking to play their part in preserving the planet, however small or not.

that it Available on Amazon for the same $40 you will find Straight from Incipiobut only from third-party sellers without catering to Amazon.

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