I'm going to buy my wife a new smartphone: How 3 Mahfouz winners plan to spend their Dh100,000 prize - News

I’m going to buy my wife a new smartphone: How 3 Mahfouz winners plan to spend their Dh100,000 prize – News

The raffle has resulted in 29 millionaires over the past two years, nine of them have won this year

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Posted: Wednesday, October 26, 2022, 12:57 pm

Last updated: Wednesday, October 26, 2022, 1:01 pm

The Emirati “Mahzouz” draw welcomed the new 99 draw winners on Saturday, October 22, 2022. Over the past two years, “Makhzouz” has produced 29 millionaires, nine of whom have become millionaires this year.

Three participants from different countries were announced as the winners of the raffle, each receiving 100,000 dirhams.

Ali, a 32-year-old Ethiopian employee of a hypermarket chain, has been based in the UAE for nine years and participates in Mahzooz every week. Ali was at work on Saturday during the draw, and that was when a colleague informed him he had won. Ali is very happy with his massive winnings, this is the first prize he has ever received.

“I received a call from Makhzouz on Sunday telling me that I won,” Ali said. The winnings will make a huge difference in my life as I will be able to use them to invest in a business here in the UAE, and I am planning to give my wife a new smartphone.”

An unexpected phone call brought luck to 36-year-old Sreerag, an Indian jeweler. Sriraj has played in Mahzooz only five times, but now that he has scored a big win, he is planning to participate in the lottery more than once. “While I was attending a family gathering on Saturday, I was unable to watch the live draw. I was very surprised to receive a phone call from Mahfouz on Sunday morning telling me about my big win.”

Sriraj has lived in the UAE for eight years, and proudly admits that the UAE helped him provide a better life for his family. Sriraj has yet to tell his family about his windfall, but says he would definitely like to use his big win to support his sister and travel with his family.

Mahmoud, an interior designer from Syria, received the phone call from Makhzouz on Sunday, which he claimed radically changed his life. After participating in Mahzooz about ten times, Mahmoud did not expect to be so lucky for the tenth time.

The 37-year-old is still deciding how to spend the prize money wisely, but he believes it will make a tangible difference in his life.

To participate in Mahzooz, all participants need is to register at www.mahzooz.ae and purchase a bottle of water for 35 dirhams. Participants are eligible to enter a single line into the Mahzooz grand raffle for the first prize of AED 20,000,000 (for a limited time), the second prize of AED 1,000,000, or the third prize of AED 350 per bottle purchased. They will also be automatically entered into the weekly drawing; Three winners will receive 100,000 dirhams each. All they have to do is buy one bottle of water for 35 dirhams and choose a set of five numbers.

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