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I’m an Android fan, but I’ve used iPhone 14 for 3 weeks – 5 reasons why I should switch

The Galaxy S22 Ultra, which is packed with the beloved S Pen, has me choked because it is very convenient to take notes easily as a journalist who attends various tech events and has to record a huge amount of information on a regular basis.

I’m also part of the Galaxy S22 Ultra’s 40MP selfie camera. Images are displayed in warmer colors compared to the 12MP iPhone 14. butI can’t deny that iOS 16 is a beautiful, smooth, and compelling enough mobile operating system to impress my #TeamiPhone.

1. Security

I recently decided to download one of the best mobile games, Yodo1’s Rodeo Stampede: Sky Zoo Safari, on iPhone 14 during the battery runtime test. Imagine my surprise when a message popped up asking for my permission to access files, like my photos and videos, that aren’t necessary to run the game.

Rodeo Stampede

Rodeo Stampede (Image credit: Google Play)

Knowing that the game is also installed on my Galaxy S22 Ultra, I wondered how much data the app has collected from me so far. However, on iOS, Apple tells you right out of the gate that an app intends to track your every move — and you have the ability to decide if you’re willing to allow it.

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