Hyperkey for macOS goes freeware

Hyperkey for macOS Goes Free

Hyperkey for macOS is now free software. The app debuted last year as a premium program priced at $4.99.

Hyperkey for Macos

Let’s start with a basic question. What is the hyper key? The best touch tools website He explains it in a simple way. Typically a hyperkey is a modifier key that sends automatic keystrokes to other modifier keys, such as Ctrl + Option + Command + Shift.

Hyperkey is a macOS utility that does the above, in order to run complex shortcuts more easily. The app was created by Ryan Hanson, developer of the popular open source window management tool, A rectangle.

Hyperkey for macOS Goes Free

When you designate a button as the hyperkey, it gives you a way to create unique keyboard shortcuts in other apps using Caps Lock, function keys, and other mod keys. In other words, you can set up hotkeys that do not conflict with other programs.

Let’s see how this works with an example. Open the Hyperkey app and enable the first option in its settings, to set Caps Lock as a hyperkey. I use the maximize and restore buttons to resize app windows frequently in both Windows and macOS. The latter has an annoying way to maximize apps, it turns the window full screen, and hides the dock and menus. You can fit a window on the screen by holding down the Option key and clicking the maximize button. This is a tedious process, which is why I mainly use the rectangle, as it allows you to manage windows using keyboard shortcuts.

Using a hyperkey with a rectangle macos

The default shortcut key for a rectangle to maximize the application window is Ctrl + Option + Enter. This is a three-key shortcut, which isn’t too bad, but we can simplify it. If we change the combination to Caps Lock + Enter, it will appear as Ctrl Option Command and Enter, in the Shortcuts panel. This is normal, because we’ve set up Caps Lock as the hyperkey, and as I mentioned earlier, it automates keypresses for other mod keys. (I didn’t enable Shift in the app settings in this example).

Using hyperkey with rectangle macos is easier

Now, if we switch to a non-maximized application window and press Caps Lock + Enter, it will trigger the zooming shortcut. This is not only easier to use, but also allows you to set the previous shortcut elsewhere. You can configure such shortcuts for any application you are using.

Hyperkey can also be used to reset the Caps Lock key on any other key (other than alphanumeric or alphanumeric), this can be really useful if a particular key on your keyboard is broken or no longer working. Let’s say the space bar is no longer working on your Mac, you can set the Caps Lock key to act as the space bar. The only drawback is that this reset is limited to the Caps Lock key, and you cannot use it to reset other keys. You may also like to take a look at Karabiner itemswhich is also a free app, but provides more options for resetting keys.

Note: If you want to reset the Caps Lock key to a different one in the Hyperkey, you have to use something else like the hyperkey, like right shift, left command, etc.

But wait, if Caps Lock becomes a hyperkey or is reassigned to something else, does it lose its original function? Yes, but this can be compensated for by enabling an option in the app settings that says “Quick press Caps Lock to execute”. The app makes the distinction between a quick press (a single tap) on Caps Lock and a long press (where the key is pressed down), when it detects the former, it enables Caps Lock’s ability to capitalize the characters you’re typing.

Note: You can disable Hyperkey in certain apps from its menu bar icon, clicking on it and selecting ignore ‘app’.

Hyperkey is a free app, you can Download from the official website. It runs on macOS 10.13 and above, and supports Intel and Apple Silicon devices. The developer has an optional premium version of the app called Super Key, which I haven’t tested. Hanson He said That users who previously purchased Hyperkey can get Superkey coupon code from the interface of the former.


Hyperkey for macOS Goes Free

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Hyperkey for macOS Goes Free

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Hyperkey for macOS is now free software. We take a closer look at the app that lets you use Caps Lock as a modifier.




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