How to use the Phone Hub to connect your Chromebook to your Android phone

How to use the Phone Hub to connect your Chromebook to your Android phone

Google ecosystem connectivity is getting better

Android users have been watching the Apple ecosystem improve and narrow for decades. iPhone owners can send text messages from their iPad and Mac, share files and photos across Apple devices, and pass their AirPods connection seamlessly from one product to another. despite of Google recently scrapped its internal hardwareThey’ve committed to making the integration between Chromebooks and Android phones tighter to rival the iPhone and Mac integration.


Through this effort, Google introduced the Phone Hub to Chromebooks, brought Android phones and Best Chromebooks closer together. This guide shows you how to get started with the Phone Hub, what features it provides, and how to enable them.

How to set up Phone Hub

Connecting your Android phone to your Chromebook through the Phone Hub is simple.

  1. open the Settings Application on a Chromebook.
  2. go to the Connected devices Section.
  3. next to Android phonetap on Accommodation button.

  4. Select the Android device you want to connect to and tap Accept and follow button.

  5. Enter your Google account The password.
  6. select file he did The button and your phone and Chromebook are connected.

How to change the settings of the Phone Hub

There are some easy toggles to turn the Phone Hub and its associated features on or off.

  1. Play file Settings Application on a Chromebook.
  2. Faucet Connected devices On the left
  3. Click on Arrow next to your phone name
  4. In the options menu, toggle phone center To turn Phone Hub on or off.

  5. under phone center Switch, there are three additional features of the switch:
    • Chrome recent tabs: Enabling this feature shows recent Chrome tabs from your phone on your Chromebook.
    • recent photos: This feature displays your recent photos on your phone on your Chromebook.
    • Notices: Enabling this feature will display notifications from your phone in the notifications section on your Chromebook.

What can the Phone Hub do?

The phone hub is accessed by clicking the phone icon in the lower right corner of the tray to the left of the date. Once selected, at the top, it shows your phone’s name, connection, and battery status. Here are three main functions:

  • Activate the hotspot: Turns on your phone’s hotspot and connects your Chromebook to it, giving you a data connection while you’re abroad.
  • silent phone: To turn off notification sounds on your phone.
  • Locate the phone: Your phone rings so you can locate it.

Below these buttons are your phone’s recent Chrome tabs if you’ve turned on the option. If you enable the option, you’ll also see your recent photos from your phone under Chrome’s recent tabs. If you enable notification sync, alerts from your phone will appear along with your other Chrome OS notifications on the shelf. If you dismiss a notification on your Chromebook, it will also be dismissed on your phone.

What other things can your Android phone and Chromebook do together?

In addition to the Phone Hub, there are two ways your Android phone and Chromebook can interact. To access these options, open a file Settings Application, go to Connected devices and tap the arrow next to your phone’s name.

  • smart lock: Allows you to sign in to your Chromebook without typing a pin or password. Alternatively, unlock your phone near the Chromebook and hit the Enter key. Bluetooth must be turned on to use this feature.
  • Immediate delivery: Shares your cellular connection from your Android phone with your Chromebook.
  • Wi-Fi sync: Shares Wi-Fi networks from your device with your Chromebook, so you don’t have to connect it manually.

Disconnect your Android phone

If you’ve used the Phone Hub and decided it’s not for you, it’s easy to disable it.

  1. open the Settings The app on your Chromebook.
  2. go to the Connected devices Section.
  3. Click on to the right of your phone’s name.
  4. At the bottom, tap Disconnect button in Forget the phone Section.
  5. select file Disconnect button in the pop-up dialog.

A hub for a better ecosystem

The pairing of Chromebooks and Android devices may not be as strong as the Mac and iPhone, but they are well on their way. Smart Lock lets you Use your Android phone to unlock your Chromebook Instead of typing a password or a PIN.

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