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How to use Game Dashboard in Android 13

Android 13 was more about improving existing features than adding new ones, and this also applies to the game dashboard. With Android 12 this feature was hard to find to improve game controls on Android phones and somewhat limited. Android 13 made the Game Dashboard easier to access, but you’ll still need help finding it and figuring out the best way to use it — and not all phones have access to it. On that note, here’s how to access the new Android 13 game dashboard.

How to Run Game Dashboard on Android 13

Before you try to follow these steps, keep in mind that you need a file Pixel phone Management Android 13 To access the game control panel. This means that owners of the Pixel 4 series through Pixel 7 accessible string. Pixel 3, 3 XL, and 3a phones can still use files Android 12 Game Dashboard. For other devices running Android 13, your options will vary by brand, but many have the same game control panel widgets with a different name. For example, owners of Samsung phones using One UI 5 will need to check Game Booster in their settings instead.

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