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How to share location on iPhone

Knowing how to share location on iPhone is really helpful. Maybe you’re on a night out and you broke up with your friends or you’re in a strange city and need someone to find you. You probably can’t fully explain where you are because you are constantly on the move. By sharing your location using your iPhone – a file best phones About – Others will be able to locate you on the map.

You do not need to install an app to access this service (although you can, if you wish, do so How to share a location on Google Maps). That’s because Find My comes baked iOS, so you just need to make sure that location services are activated and that the location sharing feature is set up. You can then decide how long you want to share your location for and whether you want it to be completely accurate. With that in mind, let’s learn how to share location on iPhone using Find My.

How to share location on iPhone

  1. Launch the Find My app
  2. Click on the People tab
  3. Click on the + . icon
  4. Click Share My Location
  5. Select who you want to share with
  6. Click send

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