iOS 16 focus mode

How to set up focus mode on your iPhone in iOS 16

For some people, focus modes on the iPhone are essential to filter out distractions, keep notifications at bay, and focus on the task at hand. The feature came to the iPhone with iOS 15 in 2021, but it’s new and improved for iOS 16, as an Apple software update made it easier to set up Focus Mode on your iPhone.

This is a welcome change. If you haven’t yet embraced the wonders of silencing notifications in Focus mode, it’s probably because you’ve found that setting the feature up and running causes a bit of a pain. iOS 16 Focus simplifies things somewhat – it’s now easier to manage the people and apps you still want to connect with when a specific focus is enabled. You can now link the lock screens you customized in iOS 16 to specific focus modes, and you can turn off focus mode directly from the lock screen if you want.

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