Google Messages on Google Pixel Watch

How to send messages from Pixel Watch

Aside from tracking fitness and health metrics, one of the most popular reasons to own a smartwatch is to keep up with notifications. Wearables can be a great way to avoid the fear of missing out, because you’ll have the ability to see messages and other notifications on your wrist even when your phone is away. But what if you want to send a message? Well, there is not an extensive list of options for this, but all is not lost. Let’s talk about how you can send a message on the Pixel Watch and you can keep your phone in your pocket.

How to send messages from Pixel Watch

While there are a lot of files Cool Messaging Apps on AndroidWith Google Messages as one of our favorites with lots of fun Tips and tricks So you can customize your messaging experience, unfortunately, Wear OS has lost many standalone messaging apps over the years.

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