How to restore Android phone from Google backup

How to restore Android phone from Google backup

Setting up a new phone from scratch is a tedious process, especially when you have to download and sign in to many apps, set up the phone’s settings, and arrange everything the way you want it. Fortunately, Google has made things a lot easier when switching from one Android phone to another, at least in terms of Google apps and settings. Here’s how to recover a file Android phone From a Google backup.

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You can restore a new Android phone or factory reset from Google backup during the setup process. In the Copy apps and data step, press next oneand select The old device cannot be used. Log in to the same Google account, tap the listed backup, and select the apps and data you want to restore.

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How to backup your data on your old Android phone

You will first have to backup your data on your old Android phone before restoring it on a new device. There are many ways Make a backup of your device And the apps you can use if you want to Store your data on the cloud. The easiest option on your Android phone is to use it google one.

go to the Settings > Google > Backup and enable Backup by Google One. Google automatically backs up your phone at regular intervals. But if you are ready to set up a new device and want to create an existing backup, tap Make a backup now.

You will get 15 GB of free data with your Google account for backup apps, app data photos, videos, messages, call history, device settings, and Google account data. In the Backup details Section, press Google account data to choose which Google apps you want to back up. If you need more data, Google One paid plans start at $1.99 per month ($19.99 per year) for 100GB of storage.

Google backup option is available on all Android devices. Some OEMs, such as Samsung, have their own Backup and Restore Features To facilitate switching between two phones of the same brand. Also, while Google Backup covers a lot, some apps and games, like The WhatsAppthey have separate ways to backup app information.

How to restore your Android phone from a Google backup

You can restore a Google backup on your Android phone when you set up a new device or afterwards Perform a factory reset. When the phone is turned on, tap beginningagree to any terms and conditions, and connect to a Wi-Fi network.

At the step where you are asked to do so Copy apps and dataFaucet next one, and choose The old device cannot be used. Sign in to the same Google account from the previous phone. The last available backup will appear on the screen. Select it, choose the apps and files you want to restore, then tap Restores.

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You will not be able to restore your phone to an earlier date after creating the last backup. Google only stores your most recent backup. If you are facing an error where you lost your contact list, go to the gear icon in the top left corner, then tap Undo changes. You can undo changes made to your contact list 30 days ago.

Google assumes that the backup was created for the same or newer Android version. You cannot restore data from a Google backup if you are transferring from an Android 13 phone to an Android 11 phone.

It depends on how many apps and files you have. The phone will continue to restore your phone in the background while downloading your apps and files.

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