How to request an extension on a smartphone

How to request an extension on a smartphone

This guide is about how to Dial an extension on the smartphone. An extension is a virtual phone number that is assigned and associated with your primary phone number. The function of this virtual number is to forward all your calls to your direct phone number, which can be used to manage calls more efficiently or to provide an extra layer of security. For those who are tired of long lists and want to shorten the process of talking to a worker, using an extension for their phone numbers is a helpful idea. Additionally, entrepreneurs can provide customers with an alternative way to contact them, or businesses that want a separate phone line for their manager or sales team.

Extras are short numbers that you can assign to an individual employee, team, department, or department in your company. It is an internal code that allows users to reach their colleagues quickly and easily. Your customers can also bypass the normal auto answer by calling the extension number of the person they want to talk to. For this reason, this feature is also called extra dial.

Internal and external callers use the same internal numbers in different ways. Suppose you have Alice and Bob working in the same office. Alice’s extension number is 103 and Bob’s number is 104. If Alice wants to talk to Bob, she can pick up her phone and call 104. It is not necessary to dial the full work number. Below we have mentioned the steps to order an extension on iPhone and Android.

How to order an extension on iPhone / Android

How to request an extension on Android

Step 1: Open the dial pad on your Android phone/tablet and type in the number you wish to call

Step 2: On some phones, you are allowed to add an extension automatically after picking up the line. If not, to add an extension, press and hold the “*” button to add a comma, “” at the end of the number.

Step 3: Some extensions can be added after the entire list has been played or until some options are selected. To call the extension when you want to do this, you need to add the semicolon ‘;’ at the end of the figure.

The fourth step: After adding ‘wait’ or ‘pause’, add the number you wish to call automatically.

Fifth step: Depending on the action you took to type an extension, two things can happen after the number is dialed. It will either request the extension you entered, or you will be asked to indicate when that extension was called.

Sixth step: If you plan to use some extensions frequently, it is wise to save them in your contacts. All extension numbers and codes will be kept in your contact list so that you don’t need to go through the whole procedure over and over again.

How to request an extension on iPhone

Step 1: First, open the Phone app on your iPhone.

Step 2: In the dialer app, type the number you wish to call.

Step 3: Next, press and hold * (asterisk) until a comma appears on the iPhone screen. This comma in the dialer app acts as a pause and initializes it to dial an extension number.

The fourth step: Now, after the comma, you have to enter the extension number.

Fifth step: Finally, click on the green call button and immediately the dialer app in your iPhone app will try to access the extension number.

last words

We hope our article on how to dial the extension number on iPhone and Android. Traditionally, internal numbers consist of 4 numbers such as 1002 or 2563, etc. Analog telephone systems did not provide the possibility of longer or shorter extension numbers. Fortunately, hosted phone service providers also offer a 3- or 5-digit intercom. And if you want to dial the extension number on Android and iPhone, follow the above steps.

I hope you understand this article, How to request an extension on a smartphone.

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