How to remove or disable Samsung Pay

How to remove or disable Samsung Pay

Samsung Pay is the company’s mobile payment solution that is exclusively available for Samsung smartphone users. There are a lot of alternatives available, such as Google Pay, which offers similar features and supports more devices. If you have Samsung Pay installed or you have a device that pre-installed the app but don’t plan to use it, you can remove it easily. Here’s how to uninstall or disable Samsung Pay.

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To uninstall Samsung Pay, find the app on your home screen or app drawer. Long press on the app icon and tap uninstall. If you have an old Samsung phone with the app pre-installed, you won’t be able to completely uninstall it, but there is a way to disable the app on your phone.

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How to remove Samsung Pay from Quick Launch

If the app is installed, Samsung Pay may appear in the quick launch bar (swipe from the right of the screen). You can remove it if you don’t plan to use Samsung Pay or want to make room for other apps. Open the launch bar and tap the menu button (the three horizontal lines icon) at the bottom. Faucet release And tap the minus sign in the upper-left corner of the Samsung Pay icon.

Samsung Pay also has a swipe access feature that allows you to launch the app from your home screen, lock screen, or when the screen is off, using a swipe gesture. It’s useful but often gets in the way and may cause the app to launch accidentally multiple times. Check out our guide on How to disable the Samsung Pay swipe up gesture To avoid this problem.

How to uninstall Samsung Pay

If you don’t want to use Samsung Pay at all, you can easily remove it if you have a recent account Samsung smartphone. Samsung Pay is not a system app on the latest versions of Android and Single User Interface. So you can delete the app as you would any other app.

One of the quickest ways is to find the app on your home screen or app drawer. Long press on the app icon and tap uninstall. You will find detailed steps and more options in our guide on deleting apps on your Samsung smartphone.

How to disable Samsung Pay

You won’t be able to completely remove Samsung Pay on an old phone running an older version of Android. You can disable it, though, so it doesn’t get in the way.

go to the Settings > Applications (or Application Manager) > Samsung Pay and press forced stop. Remember that while the screenshot above contains the Uninstall button, you won’t see it on older phones.

Then go to Permissions section, tap the permission allowed, and select do not allow. Repeat the step until you have revoked all permissions from the app. Complete the two steps (force stop and revoke permissions) for a file Samsung Pay Framework The app is in the apps list as well.

Play Store disable auto update

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You can install the app from the Google Play Store again. Launch the app from the app drawer to enable it if it’s a system app. You may have to go to Settings > Apps > Samsung Pay and allow all necessary permissions.

If it’s a pre-installed app, you can just force it to stop and deny permissions, so it doesn’t work. You will need root access to remove or uninstall the app from an old Samsung phone. There is a possibility that the application will come back with an update of the application or software. You will have to follow the step to disable it if this happens.

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