How to pair Joy-Cons with your iPhone or iPad

How to pair Joy-Cons with your iPhone or iPad

They are gone the days of flappy bird. Tapping, tapping, tapping your fingertip on the smartphone glass can seem like not enough when fighting to win a round Fortnite. with the Introduction to iOS 16Anyone with a compatible iPhone has another option for game consoles: Nintendo’s Joy-Cons.

Yes, you can already linked An Xbox or PlayStation controller for the iPhone, but the Switch controllers’ compact size makes them perfect for slipping into a coat pocket or purse, despite their mistakes. Whether you are hooked Splatoon 3 Or your key is put away in a locker until Link is ready Another adventureHere’s how to connect your Joy-Cons to your Apple device. Not sure which mobile game to try first with a console? We’ve rounded up a few worthwhile recommendations.

How to pair Joy-Cons

  1. Double check that your iPhone is updated to (and compatible with) at least iOS 16 before attempting to connect your Joy-Cons. iPads must be updated to at least iPadOS 16.
  2. Unlock your Apple device. tap on settingsand then bluetooth. The top button on this page must be toggled to the right to pair a controller.
  3. Locate your Switch, and remove the two controllers from the console screen.
  4. On the right Joy-Con, press the small button between the SL and SR. A green light will start bouncing back and forth nearby.
  5. when you see the green light, Joy Con (R) It should appear in your phone’s Bluetooth tab under Devices. Tap on the name to connect the controller to your iPhone.
  6. Do you want to connect both controllers? Repeat the process by pressing the same button on the left Joy-Con, opening your phone’s Bluetooth tab, and selecting Joy Con (L).

What games should I play?

The simple part is over. Now, for the real conundrum: choosing the best games to play first. Let’s start our journey with a stroll outside the walled garden for a quick battle royale. despite Fortnite No longer driving the cultural conversation like you did a few years ago, the game is worthy Check out in 2022. You will find a file Play mode without building and jaw dropping smorgasbord for cooperation in the field of intellectual property (Like LeBron James, John Wick, and Goku).

The process takes about 15 minutes to set up on your smartphone, however Fortnite It’s a great demonstration of what’s possible for mobile gaming with a controller. First, open your browser and visit Tap the Fortnite icon, then select Get ready to play. A popup will prompt you to click on a small icon of a square with an arrow pointing up. Scroll up and select Add to home screen. green Cloud gaming The app should appear on your iPhone.

A strong Wi-Fi connection is necessary for cloud gaming to work well. Open the app and you will need to login or register for free An account with Microsoft. After logging in, place your phone in landscape orientation, and tap again on the Fortnite icon to start the game. never played Fortnite? You will also need a file Epic account. I played a few rounds without any issues even though the Joy-Cons are not listed as an officially supported controller for Xbox Cloud Gaming.

Are you looking for something more comfortable and convenient? Stardew Valley Available for purchase in the iOS Store for $5 and includes controller support. Adorable farming simulator with a cult following Works fine on mobile.

do you have Apple One subscription? Your monthly payments include Apple Arcade. Go ahead and open the App Store, and hit the tab along the bottom that reads Passage. games like Sonic raceAnd the NBA 2K23 Arcade versionAnd the Mini highways All are compatible with consoles.

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