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How to open the most advanced Android shortcuts in the Google Assistant

Google Assistant has all kinds of files time-saving intelligence on Android. That’s how we all know nowtruly?

But get this: The most useful Android assistant superpower is something completely out of sight You are for exploration and activation. (And no, I’m not talking about it The newly expanded Android automation terminal – Although that’s pretty nice too.)

This superpower is a complex network of advanced assistant commands connected to specific applications and services You are more than use for you Android device. However, if you don’t figure out where to look and then take the time to flag all the correct toggles, these commands will never be available or shown to you in any way.

Not to worry, though: You’ve got it covered. Just follow the quick and simple steps below, and you’ll never miss a thing.

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The secret of the Google Assistant Android shortcut

First things first, some good news: Accessing the Android shortcut for Assistant couldn’t be much easier. Whether you have no idea an area exists or haven’t thought of checking it out lately, it pays to take a peek and see what possibilities it offers.

So here we are – three massive steps:

  1. Call the assistant on your phone, either using hello google Voice command or with any of the assistant icons available on the screen, and say Assistant Settings.
  2. Click “View all assistant settings”.
  3. Scroll waaaaaaay down towards the bottom of the list and find the line labeled “Shortcuts”.

And that’s it: All that’s left is to tap on that Shortcuts option, say “Focus” for good measure, and then feast your eyes on the coolest Android shortcuts ever in the Google Assistant.

Google Assistant Android Shortcuts: Suggestions JR

Holy Molly! And what you see there is only the beginning.

Scroll down a bit, and you will find an app-by-app list of All Advanced Assistant Shortcuts that are waiting and not yet working on your phone. for example:

  • Mosey is in the Chrome section of the Assistant settings area, and you can enable voice commands to start a new tab or incognito tab in the browser.
  • Click on the Google Photos line, and you can add a handy custom voice command to go directly to the Screenshots section of Photos and see any screenshots you’ve taken.
  • If you use Google Messages, the Assistant will offer to create custom voice shortcuts to open conversations with any of your most popular contacts.
  • With the Play Store, you can give yourself a simple Assistant command to go directly to the My Apps area to see and apply any pending app updates.
  • And with Google Drive, you can give yourself new spoken shortcuts to open the app’s Downloads area, search function, or document scanning tool without any extra steps.

The list continues from there. And it’s not just Google-made apps in the mix, either:

  • LinkedIn, for example, has hidden assistant options for opening your notifications, messages, or profile, among other things.
  • WhatsApp provides options to open group chats that you access often.
  • Twitter provides the ability to create custom audio shortcuts for commonly accessed contacts who – which Along with a huge list of job specific commands.
Google Assistant Android Shortcuts: LinkedIn, Twitter JR

Oh, and this one more Elegant Touch: In addition to activating any items in the Assistant’s advanced shortcut area, you can do just that adjust or adapt Voice commands associated with any of these items and make them anything you want.

After adding the shortcut, just click on the “Your Shortcuts” tab in the same area and then find the shortcut there. Click on it, click on “Edit”, and – OK. Are you going to look at that?!

Google Assistant Android Shortcuts: Custom Commands JR

Pretty neat, isn’t it?

All you have to do is take a moment to visit this area of ​​the Assistant’s Android Settings to see what’s available – then remember to really get started Use All application-specific custom commands that you create.

Admittedly, this last part is the hardest part of the puzzle. But hey, if all else fails, you can always create a helpful reminder to help.

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