How to mark texts as unread on iPhone

How to mark texts as unread on iPhone

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  • Mark text as unread: Messages > View Conversation> release > Select Messages >Click Conversation> unread.
  • another option: Messages > Conversation view > Swipe from left to right > Click on the blue icon.
  • finally: Messages > Conversation view > long press > Mark as unread.

This article provides step-by-step instructions for three ways to mark text messages as unread on an iPhone running iOS 16 or higher. With this information, you can flag messages to come back to later when you have time to read and reply to them.

How to mark text as unread on iPhone

start in iOS 16 (and in iPadOS 16 On the iPad), you can mark text messages as unread in the pre-install Texting application (You can also pin conversations to the top of the window and mute notifications for them.) If you are running an earlier version of iOS on your iPhone, you do not have this feature and this is one of the many good reasons for this Upgrade your operating system.

  1. go to the Messages The view that shows all your conversations. If you’re in a conversation, tap the arrow in the upper-right corner.

  2. From this screen, there are three ways to mark text as unread. For the first time, click release > Select Messages > Click on each conversation you want to mark as unread > unread.

  3. For another option, swipe from left to right across the conversation to reveal the blue message icon. Keep swiping or clicking on the icon.

    For the conversation marked as unread, repeat this procedure and you can mark it as read without opening the chat.

  4. Finally, long press on the conversation and tap Mark as unread from the pop-up menu.

All three methods for marking texts as unread can also be used for two other useful ways to manage your text messages (if you’re scrolling through a conversation, swipe from right to left instead). Could you pin Chat at the top of the Messages window or mute a conversation so you don’t get disturbed by a chat cluttered with a large number of messages notices (Click on the bell in the middle of the line).

Unread text messages and read receipts

Some message users have it enabled Read receipts, a feature that lets the person you’re messaging with know when they’ve read a text sent by the other person. Marking text as unread using these instructions does not change the status of the Read Receipt.

If you’ve read a text and a “read receipt” has been sent (you’ll see the status just below the last text in the conversation), flagging the text doesn’t change what the person you’re talking to sees. They still get a read receipt. Marking as unread only changes the message status on your iPhone.

How to filter messages to show only unread texts on iPhone

If you only want to see unread texts, here is the setting to change:

  1. go to the settings > Messages.

  2. moves Filter unknown senders to on / green.

  3. In Messages, tap filters in the upper left corner.

  4. Your messages are now grouped based on whether you know the sender or not (a great way to avoid this Spam texts), if messages were recently deleted, and if messages are unread.

  5. Faucet Unread messages To see conversations that have text marked as unread in them.


  • How do I mark spam on my iPhone?

    to me Mark text as spam on iPhoneopen the Spam text in Messages, then tap Telephone number > informations > Telephone number > Block this caller > Call blocking. If you’ve subscribed to a text message, you can reply to it with the word “off” or “unsubscribe.”

  • How do I mark all texts as read on my iPhone?

    In Messages, go to Conversation view and tap release > Select the messagethen tap Read it all at the bottom to mark all iPhone texts as read.

  • How do I mark an email as unread in iPhone Mail?

    to me Marker Iphone Email marked as unreadLocate to reply button, then select Mark as unread. To highlight multiple email messages from the mailbox folder, select releasechoose each email you want to flag, then choose Marker > Mark as unread.

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