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How to make a live wallpaper on Android or iPhone

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You can create a live wallpaper from a video using a third-party Android app. You only need to download one of the Google Play Store. But iPhone users are not so lucky. Apple removed live wallpapers with iOS 16.

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Editor’s note: The steps for this guide have been put together using a Google Pixel 7 Pro Running Android 13 and iPhone 12 mini Run 16.1.1. Some steps may vary depending on your hardware and software.

How to make a live wallpaper on Android

Android has no native way to turn a video into a live wallpaper. You will have to find a third party app on the Google Play Store to do the job. There are many more on the Play Store. Do a simple search and you will be bombarded with options. You can choose whatever you like, but we love Video Live Wallpaper Maker. It’s quite expensive if you pay to use its premium features, at $19.99 per month. However, the free version allows you to easily create live wallpapers from videos. You just have to put up with a bunch of ads the more you use them, which shouldn’t be that often, anyway.

How to create a live wallpaper with Video Live Wallpaper Maker:

  1. Go to the Google Play Store and download it Video Live Wallpaper Maker.
  2. Run the application.
  3. The homepage will show you a gallery of the videos on your device. Choose the video you want to use.
  4. You will get two options. You can choose if you want Turn on the sound And the measure of proportion the screen. Make your choices.
  5. Once you are ready, click Set as launcher wallpaper.
  6. tap on set wallpaper.
  7. Decide if you want to set it to a file main screenor Home screen and lock screen.
  8. do it!

How to make a live wallpaper on iPhone

warning: Apple removed the live wallpaper feature with iOS 16. So anyone with the latest software is out of luck.

If you’re still using an older version of iOS, creating your own live wallpaper is relatively easy. For starters, those with anything earlier than iOS 16 can use any Live Photo as their live wallpaper.

With Live Photo:

  1. open the settings Application.
  2. Go inside Wall paper.
  3. Choose Choose a new background.
  4. He hits Live Photos.
  5. Choose a photo and confirm.
  6. Choose Designation.
  7. Choose from Set screen lockAnd the Set home screenor Put both.
  8. you are done!

You can also find a third-party app that allows you to convert videos into wallpapers. The Apple App Store is full of them, but we’d love to live them. Again, it’s an expensive app if you subscribe, but you can use it for free and keep most of the features.

How to use in:

  1. Go to the Apple App Store and download it In life. Then release it.
  2. Choose new project.
  3. Find the content you want to use.
  4. tap on Add.
  5. You can now make all kinds of edits. This includes cropping, cutting, adding more content, making changes to color and exposure, and more.
  6. When you’re done editing, tap on File Involved button in the upper-right corner.
  7. under file typeDetermine live image.
  8. your pick the decision And the FPS Preferences.
  9. He hits Save in pictures.
  10. Follow the steps to use Live Photo. These are mentioned above.

questions and answers

You cannot simply set a video as a live wallpaper. However, you can use a third-party app to turn any video into a live wallpaper.

Others known as Dynamic Wallpapers, live wallpapers were killed on iPhones with iOS 16. If you have a phone running an older version of iOS, it can still use live wallpapers.

No, Apple has removed live wallpapers, regardless of their source.

yes. You’ll need to do a few tweaks to create your own live wallpapers, but Android still supports them.

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